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Days of Our Lives Double Take: The Upside Down World Comes To Salem

Nicole Days of Our LivesNicole Days of Our Lives

The Monday, May 20 episode of Days of Our Lives was truly everything. Soap Hub couldn’t stop laughing and offering our own live commentary to each other as it aired.

This did not look like any Salem we have seen recently. In fact, we had thoughts of that other alternate Salem, Melaswen, on Monday afternoon.

First, weepy Nicole was gone. In fact, this Nicole (who did not seem like any Nicole we have EVER seen) mocked weepy Nicole, as well as Eric, who SH officially proclaims as The Saddest Man On Television.

Heck, not only did Nicole not cry — she laughed at the idea of Holly being allegedly dead — and called her own child a whiny little brat. Now, that doesn’t seem like Nicole at all. What could have happened to her since that warehouse fire?

And, hmmm, what happened to the other person who supposedly perished in that supposedly deadly blaze? So far, we see two out of three of their faces in Salem.

Over at The Brady Pub, Will tore into his beloved grandmother and blamed Marlena for his tumor. He was quite horrible to her, but at least he had an obvious excuse –said tumor. What’s Nicole’s excuse?

Over at the Kirikis mansion, the usually in-control Maggie was an absolute hot mess thinking Kate is after her husband.

Ok, we know Maggie is an alcoholic, but we don’t think her alcoholism has even been addressed since that other time more than a decade ago when Salem seemed like a whole new place.

Why does she suddenly think Kate is after Victor NOW? Kate and Victor have worked together plenty over the course of Maggie’s marriage and Kate always left well enough alone, preferring relatively younger men.

Like we said, this is not like the Salem we know. Heck, Brady, who is usually a hotter mess than anyone else (save brother, Eric) just looked around him bewildered throughout the hour, wondering why he was the only person who seemed even remotely sane.

In short, we loved Salem today. It wasn’t the “Send Her Back” Salem we’ve been used to of late with amnesiac rapists being elected to public office, and maybe that’s why we all had to smile.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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