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Deimos Kidnapped Philip – What Should Nicole Do?!

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Tis the season for Days Of Our Lives villains to be doing bad things for good reasons – and vice-versa.

Viewers know Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) isn’t above a kidnapping or two to force matters to turn out his way. But, this time around, he seems to genuinely be looking out for someone other than himself. But will Nicole see it his way when she learns Deimos kidnapped Philip?

The More You Know….
Almost 2,500 of you weighed in and 69% think they know Nicole (Arianne Zucker) well enough to predict she won’t be satisfied just listening to Deimos’s explanation – or even Philip’s. She’ll want to find out the truth for herself.

The question is, will she believe it when she gets it? Would you believe your best friend lied about embryo-snatching your baby because she doesn’t like the new man in your life? And could you ever forgive her for it?


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Shock & Awe
Nicole’s been through a lot lately. It’s been less than a year since Daniel (Shawn Christian) died and 24% of you are of the mind that she’ll be too shocked when she finds out what Deimos did to react right away. She might need to take some time to absorb the news before she comes out fighting.

Side By Side
Whether she leaps into action right away or pauses to consider her options, a 7% minority of folks are convinced that, once all the facts are laid out for her, Nicole will take Deimos’s side.

And why shouldn’t she, really? Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier) and Chloe have been lying to her for months, despite knowing how much Nicole misses Daniel and how long she’s ached for a baby of her own. She might see Deimos as the only one willing to stick his neck out for her!

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