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Should Dario Let Abby Live The Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Without Him?

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On Days of Our Lives (DOOL), it’s not just Chad who is torn between two women, wife Abby and her best friend, Gabi (at least calling them by the wrong name can be justified as merely a simple slip of the tongue).

Abby herself, while growling to Chad about Gabi (Camila Banus) — and vice versa, is feeling a certain pull towards Gabi’s brother, Dario. And Dario isn’t just pulling. He’s coming kinda close to stalking — whether Abby wants it or not. Can you think of another reason for him to pop up wherever she is? Over and over and over again?

So we asked fans: Do you want Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) to meet someone new and leave Abby alone? Here’s what over 3,000 viewers had to say.

You Have To Move On
Move along, move on, this is not the Salem woman you’re looking for, urge 85% of the audience. You are sick and tired of Dario mooning over Abby. And you are tired of Abby sorta being tempted.

She and Chad (Billy Flynn) have gone through so much to be together, including her death (which is what allowed Gabi to pop into the picture). They have a son. They have a company. Dario should respect those hallowed things and buzz off, already.

On the other hand, you’re not adverse to Dario meeting someone new. All that pretty shouldn’t go to waste.

Lean In!
But then there’s the minority, 14%, who are all for Dario and Abby. (Dabby? Abbio?) Whether it’s because you think they’re hotter together than Chad and Abby (Marci Miller), or because you’re on the Chad and Gabi train, you don’t want Dario giving up an inch. In fact, you think he should press on, force Abby to admit her feelings — and then force her to act on them.

Who needs a tot or the DiMera name and money, when you’ve got abs? So… many… abs.

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