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Our DAYS Take: Is Ciara a Complete Narcissist or What?!

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In what world did Days of Our Lives teen Ciara think telling her boss that she’s in love with him–right after learning his true love had allegedly died–was a great idea?

Sure, we get it that she’s young and perhaps hormones have clouded her judgement, but still?! Chad (Billy Flynn), a man in his mid-20s, has been utterly devastated since learning Abby was definitely on the plane that went down (even though the audience knows this isn’t true).

Living on Fantasy Island
You would have thought that after he said he didn’t feel the same way, she’d realize how completely inappropriate she was being but not our gal. No, Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) had to continue to hammer at Chad and spew her ridiculous ramblings about how she knows he feels the same way. Her illusions seemed to know no end and it was obvious that Chad, when he was able to actually be present in the conversation, was completely uncomfortable. She kept pushing and pushing until finally he had to put a stop to it.

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Shattered Dreams
Unable to accept his denials, Ciara begged him to tell her the truth. He admitted that’s exactly what he had been doing. Chad went on to explain the perfect love he had with Abby and that he can’t move on right now, but even if he could — it wouldn’t be with her. While he called her an amazing woman, and admitted that in many ways she saved his life, he would never be able to love her with all his heart, which is what she deserves. Chad then fired Ciara and offered to give her money through the end of the year. Devastated, Ciara said she doesn’t want his money or anything else from him as she left his home in tears.

[relbar link=”” text=”Jerry Douglas Returning to Y&R!”]Chad showed incredible restraint in dealing with her, and considering his precarious state of mind, it was very impressive. He was as gentle as anyone could be when faced with such a self-involved child’s delusional rantings.

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