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Is Salem Big Enough To Handle Hattie and Bonnie FOREVER???

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On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), Hattie has already been outed for stealing Marlena’s life — and getting her and John thisclose to having their brains fried. (And John can NOT risk another case of amnesia. He might decide he’s Roman/Forrest/Ryan/Whomever again.)

But Bonnie is still out there, pretending to be Adrianne, dumping Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), hitting on Justin (Wally Kurth), breaking Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) knick-knacks, confusing Victor (John Aniston) — while Adrienne sobs hysterically in the slammer.

But the truth is bound to come out sometimes. And where will that leave Hattie (Deidre Hall) and Bonnie? Do you want them to stick around Salem? Over 7,000 of you played judge and jury.

Time’s Up!
Get them off my screen, shout 82% of you! They’re criminals! They ruin people’s lives, then turn on the waterworks, begging for sympathy.

They don’t deserve forgiveness. They deserve to be thrown in jail, and the key tossed into Mount Mordor. And you don’t want to watch their adventures on the inside, either.

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Small Doses
Hattie and Bonnie (Judi Evans) are an acquired taste. Maybe you can send them to jail, but bring them out once in a while as the story calls for it, suggest 9%. They’re OK for brief comic relief, but nothing longterm. Too much time on the front burner, and you’re tuning out.

Laugh Riot!
Those two are hilarious, cheer a contrary 8%! Everyone else in Salem is always suffering and crying. At least Hattie and Bonnie are proactive. They take chances. And they make you laugh.

Plus, Marlena and Adrianne are so self-righteous and beloved, it’s nice to see them taken down a peg or two once in a while. Think of Hattie and Bonnie as the new and improved Marlena and Adrianne. And the ones you’d rather watch, too.

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