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What Will Happen to Baby Holly Once Truth Comes Out?

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The Days Of Our Lives keep passing, and Nicole still doesn’t know that the baby she delivered, and thus has every reason to assume is Chloe’s, is actually Nicole’s own biological child.

Right now, Chloe’s mom, Nancy (Patrika Darbo), is protecting her daughter’s secret as Chloe languishes (very prettily) in a coma. But Nicole can’t help feeling connected to the tot. Meanwhile, Deimos and Brady are hunting for answers, too.

The truth is bound to come out sooner or later (think sweeps-month). So what will happen to baby Holly then? Almost 8,000 of you shared your take!

The Mother Of All Landslides
Not a lot of dissent in this poll! A whopping 96% of viewers demand the little girl be returned to Nicole (Arianne Zucker), pronto! Sure, Chloe may claim her heart is in the right place. She just wants to protect Holly from Deimos (Vincent Irizarry). And Nancy can tell herself she’s just being a good mother (heaven knows, she owes Chloe for dumping then denying her all those years).

But you’re not buying it. Nicole is Holly’s mother. She’s already lost so many other children. Give her this one!

What do you think? Post a comment!

To Grandmother’s House We Go
It’s funny, the next two results were practically a tie, yet this one still squeezed out over last place with a handful of votes. It seems 2% of fans think that Holly should remain with her “grandparents.”

How would that work? Nancy and Craig are not biologically related to the child. And while Chloe may be the legal mother, they’re still one degree removed. At that rate, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Victor (John Aniston) have a better claim!

Fighting Tooth and Chloe
It was a slightly lower 2% vote here, but at least Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) carried the child and, as far as the law is concerned, is Holly’s legal mother until someone can prove otherwise. Nicole may learn the truth, but will she be able to convince a judge?

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