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Whom Should Abby Spend Her ‘DAYS’ With?

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On Days Of Our Lives, Abby returned to Salem with a new face… and a whole slew of new romantic choices. Once upon a time, she was all about Chad (well, when she wasn’t waffling between him and Ben). But now it’s practically raining men. So whom should she choose? Over 8,000 fans made their voices heard!

Don’t Be Crabby, Vote for Chabby!
For 77% of you, Abby didn’t struggle her way back home in order to not be reunited with husband Chad (Billy Flynn) and son Thomas.

What was all that suffering for, if not to reclaim what she’d lost? Abby didn’t leave the two most important men in her life voluntarily — she did it because she was afraid she was a danger to them. She wanted to get better, first. And now that she is — sort of — nothing should stand in the way of this family reunion.

Family First
The Hortons are Salem’s original core family (those interloper Bradys didn’t show up until some 20 years later), and there is nothing they can’t deal with when they band together.

For 13% of viewers, you think that Abby (Marci Miller) is better off getting herself together in the bosom of her supportive, doughnut-baking clan before she makes any long-term decisions about men.

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Wherefore Art Thou, Dario?
So what if Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) is having immigration problems and marriage to an American citizen would fix all that? (Does it actually work if the American citizen in question has been declared legally dead? Hmmm….)

It seems 8% of you don’t care if Dario is using Abby, as long as his abs remain onscreen. And, who knows, with a fear of deportation motivating him, Dario might end up treating Abby better than another man without a sword dangling over his head.

Bad Boys
Dario might be bad, but he’s got nothing on Andre (Thaao Penghlis). On the other hand, Andre is the one who took care of Abby when she was at her worst. She knows he’ll be there for her when the chips are down (with his own agenda, but there, nonetheless). And for 2% of fans, that’s good enough.

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