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Is 2016 Reboot Working or Do You Miss the Glory DAYS?


The 2016 reboot of Days of Our Lives has certainly been a rollercoaster of a ride with escaped convicts terrorizing Salem.

We were told the doom and gloom wouldn’t last, but so far it just seems to be escalating. Favorites are being put in jeopardy every day and bullets seem to fly with semi-regularity. Soap Hub asked if you miss the good old days of Days of Our Lives, and your answer was crystal clear.

Salem’s Glorious Past
After over 2,500 votes were tallied, a whopping 93% said yes – you’re missing the days when the show focused on sweeping romances and family. You remember watching Marlena Brady (Deidre Hall) fighting her growing feelings for the mysterious stranger, John Black (Drake Hogestyn). Or, perhaps watching rough-around-the-edges Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) falling for good girl Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) made your heart soar. Still, more of you enjoyed watching Alice Horton (Frances Reid) advising young upstarts like Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) on their teen crushes. You miss these warm moments and want them back.

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These Are the Days
It seems that 4% are happy with the DAYS you have right now! There are a lot of good things happening right now that keep you on the edge of your seat. Chad (Billy Flynn) fighting to keep his son, mourn Abigail’s “death,” and starting to put his life back together has you riveted. Hope and Rafe’s (Galen Gering) romance has been worth the wait it took for her to get away from Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove). You’re also happy to watch Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) treat Nicole (Arianne Zucker) like the queen she is! You’re not looking in the rear-view mirror – you know the ride ahead is just fine.

Too Close to Call
Yet 3% can’t seem to figure out which they prefer. Sure, you loved DAYS’ past, but you’re also finding this latest reboot to be intriguing, as well. You just know that you love watching Days of Our Lives, and you’re going to continue to do it!

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