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DANGER ALERT: Should Kayla Watch Her Back on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Tripp and Kayla on Days of Our LivesTripp and Kayla on Days of Our Lives

While Kayla and Tripp have been getting along better than Steve and Tripp on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), that’s about to change on a dime.

Nobody ever wants to hear their father killed their mother, especially one bounced around in foster homes his whole life and who just learned who his biological parents are.

That (and Jade’s slip) could be a reason why Tripp (Lucas Adams) doesn’t want to believe Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) story that he killed Ava (although Joey did), and jumps on any bit of info to prove otherwise.

Soon, Tripp will truly believe Kayla did the deed, so what does that mean for her future?

Well, nearly half of you think Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) definitely has something to worry about. In fact, 45% of you think Kayla is now in danger, and Tripp might try to hurt her if he thinks she murdered his mother.

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He seems sweet and innocent enough, but he does have Ava’s (Tamara Braun) genes and she was genuinely and dangerously nuts.

Another 31% of you think there is no way this nice kid could ever make someone suffer the way Ava did. Tripp has her genes, but he also has Steve’s.

Sure, Steve didn’t start out as a nice guy on DAYS and even tried to burn Hope’s face with acid once, but that was decades ago and he had a reason for that chip on his shoulder.

The final 24% have no idea what will happen. A crazy Tripp might be a more interesting Tripp, but you love Kayla and her sweetness as much as Steve and would hate to see anything happen to her.

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