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Shoulder To Cry On: Will Tragedy Reunite Lani and JJ on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

JJ and Lani on Days of Our LivesJJ and Lani on Days of Our Lives

On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), while Lani’s life was on the line as she was giving birth, she dreamed of an alternate timeline, one where her baby wasn’t Eli’s but JJ’s, and the two of them were a happy family… and a happy couple.

That’s gotta mean something. JJ (Casey Moss) was also the one who came to Lani’s (Sal Stowers) rescue when she first went into labor. That means something, too.

Lani lied for months about JJ being her unborn child’s father, and that’s what ultimately broke them up. It wasn’t that she stopped loving JJ. And it wasn’t as if she ever fell in love with Eli (Lamon Archey). Their one-night stand was one big misunderstanding.

Now that the baby is dead, could tragedy bring Lani and JJ closer together? Almost 8,000 fans weighed in:

Second Chance
The baby’s death is terrible, but, hey, it gets rid on the one thing Lani and Eli had in common, 74% of you insist on looking at the bright side.

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It also means JJ and Lani can pick up where they left off… eventually. JJ can be there for Lani in her time of need, and she’ll be happy to let him.

Sure, Eli is sad, too, but he can be sad with his mom… or with Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes). You know Julie won’t be able to stay away from this.

Family Matter
No, 26% of the audience counters. This is Lani and Eli’s heartbreak. JJ has no place here. He needs to let the real parents grieve. If JJ tries to force his way in, it will only make the process more complicated for Lani.

Besides, their time is passed. He’ll never get over Lani’s lies, and she’ll never get over JJ dumping her. Lani doesn’t need a reminder of old pain in the midst of a fresh one.

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