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Reboot 3.0 Is ONE MONTH AWAY! Get A Sneak Peek At Its First Scene!

Days of our Lives castDays of our Lives cast

Is it really over? Will the dark cloud that’s been hanging over Salem since September of 2015 finally part and let the sunlight in? With Days of Our Lives Reboot 3.0 on its way, we sure hope so.

Yes, the scripts from the writer that brought us Will’s strangling, Bo’s tumor death 24 hours after he drove a motorcycle to Hope’s rescue, and of course, Yo Ling, will finally stop airing in a month.

Two years ago, there was so much hope (not that Hope) when DAYS rebooted with the writing team of Dena Higley and Josh Griffith. The show was celebrating 50 years, but we saw nothing but doom and gloom.

One year ago, Ken Corday was ready to try again with the writing team of Dena Higley and Ryan Quan. All that got was sinking ratings and a mysterious amulet that made a plane go down on Mosquito Bite Island, while turning Paul into the Incredible Hulk.

Of course, it started with The Terrible Trio tearing through Salem destroying everything in their path, and then brought us to Theresa suddenly leaving town and her son thanks to a Mexican drug lord. We even learned she spoke fluent Spanish. WOW!

But, now 2017 is here and so is Reboot 3.0, according to new head writer Ron Carlivati.

Yes, he began penning scripts earlier this year, but now they finally begin airing a month from today.

Carlivati even tweeted a snap of his inaugural script, along with a preview scene. And frankly, we can’t wait. With Carlivati, we get Sami, Will, Kristen (Susan?), and even Dr. Rolf. Now, that’s the DAYS we miss and we look forward to seeing it return. (Bo? Can you bring back Bo, too?)

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