Which Couple Are We Supposed To Root For on Days of our Lives?

If DAYS won’t support them, why should we?

days of our lives johnny, chanel, allie, and alex in revolving couplesWhich Days of our Lives couple should we be rooting for?

On Days of our Lives, Allie Horton was engaged to Tripp Johnson, and Chanel Dupree was married to Johnny DiMera. But then Johnny dumped Chanel. He was possessed by the Devil, it wasn’t his fault. So a sad Chanel slept with Allie. When Tripp found out, he dumped Allie. And the two women decided to give their relationship a shot. They moved in together. They played Henry Has Two Mommies. They were blissfully happy. Until….

Days of our Lives: Spicing It Up

Allie (Lindsay Arnold) got bored. Hey, she suggested to Chanel (Raven Bowens), how about we have a threesome? With that obscenely jacked Alex (Robert Scott Wilson). Uhm…OK, Chanel said. They did. There, now our relationship is back on track. Yay! Happy “Days” indeed!

DAYS Memories Light the Corners Of My Mind

Allie and Johnny’s (Carson Boatman) Grandma Marlena (Deidre Hall), died. So did Allie’s Grandma Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Johnny’s Grandma Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk). So much sadness! (Don’t ask why twins Allie and Johnny have different paternal grandmas. It’s…not a pretty story.) Instead of comforting her sad girlfriend, Chanel comforted her sad ex-husband. This made Allie mad.

DOOL: Switch Partners and Dance

So now, Allie is sleeping with Alex — just the two of them, this time, or so it looked. And who knows what’s on the table for Chanel and Johnny? (Maybe an actual table will be involved.)

Which brings us to ask: Are we supposed to be rooting for this pairing? From the day Allie and Chanel first hooked up, they were either cheating on someone or cheating on each other. Is that romantic? Is that true love? Is that something fans will be tuning in eagerly to watch each day?

We’re…not feeling it. We wanted to like Allie and Chanel. Both young actresses have a spark and definite screen presence. But the story doesn’t seem to support them. So why should we?

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