Three Days of our Lives Stooges Stage The Ransom of Red Chief

Why Rachel’s kidnapping is about to implode!

Days of our Lives Sloan, Eric, Brady and Rachel

As of this week on Days of our Lives, we now know that not only are Brady Black and his stepbrother Eric Brady bad at interpersonal relationships, but they are also pretty incompetent kidnappers to boot.

Days of our Lives: Bad Criminals

First, Eric (Greg Vaughan) couldn’t even keep a little girl entertained for a full day — he needed the surprisingly capable Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) to step in with cookies and an impromptu make-over. And next, Brady (Eric Martsolf) couldn’t keep the secret that he was the one responsible for Rachel’s (Finley Rose Slater) disappearance from Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) for more than the same amount of time. And this fiasco is just going to get worse, we suspect.

No Battle Plan Ever Survives First Contact With the Enemy

Did Eric not even plan ahead? How about a few games? Toys? Snacks? Saving some cool Tik-Toks for Rachel to watch? What would he have done if Sloan weren’t there with grilled cheese, cookies, and nail polish? Heck, where was he even going to take Rachel if Sloan refused to put her law license in jeopardy by being an accessory to kidnapping?

Days of our Lives: The Other Doofus

Then again, did Brady give any thought to who would be the obvious suspect once Kristen figured out he was in cahoots with Rachel’s kidnapper? We realize the Salem Police Department can’t buy a clue to save their lives, but Kristen is more resourceful than that. Hm…who could possibly have taken Rachel? I don’t know, how about the guy who was literally supposed to be babysitting her? Does Brady not think Kristen would zero in on Eric first and foremost?

The Littlest DAYS Hostage

And then there’s Rachel, herself. This is Kristen’s child. She’ll only play nice for so long. And then she’ll unleash the same tiny terror tendencies which prompted her to fling food at Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin). She is a spoiled brat of the highest order, and no matter what Brady and Kristen decide, Rachel will make Eric and Sloan so miserable, they’ll have no choice but to wash their hands of her.

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