Stay A While: Can We Keep Snarky Rafe Hernandez on Days of our Lives?

Rafe Hernandez is giving us a great reason to get arrested in Salem.

days of our lives rafe hernandez has become a big snarky latelyRafe Hernandez has a bit of an edge lately -- and we like it!

Rafe Hernandez has always been a stand-up guy on Days of our Lives. He was good, and he was noble. He was a great husband to all his wives (even when they were in love with other men), as well as a great substitute dad to a whole host of kids that weren’t his. Those days are over. Nicole broke Rafe’s heart. And it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy. We love it!

Rafe Hernandez: Bending the Law

Rafe (Galen Gering) used to go strictly by the book. He would rather let a guilty man go free than risk putting an innocent one away. So admirable. So boring. Those days are over. When Eric (Greg Vaughan) wanted to see Rolf, Rafe was like, “Nah…don’t feel like it.” And he didn’t look even a little bit sorry.

DOOL: Talk Therapy

And while he was telling Eric to take a hike, Rafe also managed to sneak in some barbs about Eric’s tarnished halo and his failed vow of celibacy. It took Eric down a peg. And it really livened up the scene. Rafe was exploiting his power and enjoying it. Which made him more enjoyable to watch.

Days of our Lives: Last Step

Now all Rafe needs to do is take a page from Eric’s book and start hooking up with inappropriate women. Eric has Sloan (or at least he did). And, frankly, we’re loving it. So why not someone similar for Rafe? It sure looked like Jada (Elia Cantu) was being set up as his next love interest.

Don’t get us wrong, Rafe and Jada finding happiness together would really upset Eric and Nicole (Ariane Zucker). Which is as good of a reason as any. But we’re also hoping for more. Maybe they’ll go bad…together.

Jada has already also been leaning in that direction, and together, the two cops could do some serious damage. Which will make them both a lot more interesting for us all.

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