Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Paul Telfer

The actor played a range of conflicting emotions after his character found out he was a father.

days of our lives performer of the week paul telfer.Paul Telfer as Xander Cook.

His DAYS alter-ego may have put the fear of God into Linsey Godfrey’s Sarah Horton, but what Paul Telfer really succeeded in doing was reminding us what a dynamo performer he truly is, and for that he has earned Soap Hub Performer of the Week for DAYS.

Paul Telfer — Performer of the Week

Upon learning that his character, Xander Cook, was a father to baby Victoria Margaret, Telfer turned into a blubbering mess. Subsequently, he exuded a gaiety about becoming a papa, self-recrimination, and despair (what did it say about him that Sarah had felt the need to lie about his daughter’s paternity?), before finally settling on righteous indignation.

It was with much fire and brimstone that Telfer came at Godfrey, practically spitting his dialogue and hissing in her face. Telfer used his looming frame to great advantage, towering over his ex, glowering and condemning.

When Sarah insisted that she’d done what she did to protect her innocent babe from being raised by a killer, Telfer practically recoiled in response. Indignation flashed across his face, but the grimace belied the metaphorical gut punch that Sarah’s statement had been.

Telfer imbued Xander’s protestations with equal parts irritation and longing for his side of the story to be given credence. Tears welled in his eyes. He put up a good fight, but his sound argument was challenged by Sarah point by point. More back-and-forth, more condemnation.

And just as easily as he slid into pathetic debate mode, Paul Telfer roared back to defiant, and take no prisoners. No matter what Rex (Kyle Lowder) and Sarah said, no matter the effort they exerted, he would gain custody of his child — and Telfer made us believers.

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