Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Miranda Wilson

Like a maestro utilizing the conductor’s baton, she whipped up a masterpiece of Megan’s emotional reactions to her current dilemma.

soap hub performer of the week for days of our lives: miranda wilsonMiranda Wilson as Megan Hathaway

Her villainous alter-ego may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but performer Miranda Wilson has no doubt been making the most of the juicy material provided her.

Miranda Wilson — Performer of the Week

In spite of the good news being issued by her prized mad scientist — his experimental youth serum seems to be working its magic — Megan Hathaway was exasperated.

“You said he would be forever loyal and true to me,” Megan reminded Rolf (Richard Wharton) — “he” being a brainwashed Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) — before elucidating that he has not been and that “Last night after I ordered him to kill Kate…he went rogue. He said it was the last order of mine that he was going to follow, and he locked himself in the other lab and he won’t speak to me…How could you have let this happen?!” The last line Wilson practically spit out at her costar.

“Interesting,” offered Rolf. “Interesting, that’s all you have to say for yourself,” bellowed Wilson, adding with a pained, pitiful cry, “You told me that Bo would be eating out of the palm of my hand!”

Fighting back tears, Wilson then stood as Wharton’s Rolf recalled that Bo is an “uncommonly strong-willed individual,” which more than likely accounts for the recent setback.

“You promised,” Wilson choked out, selling Megan’s utter desperation. But Rolf hadn’t promised per se. He can only do so much.

Megan then broached the subject of another brainwashed lackey, Harris Michaels (Steve Burton). “He always did exactly as I ordered him to.”

“Not always,” shrugged Rolf. “He wouldn’t shoot Hope on their wedding day.”

Advancing on Rolf, her face like thunder, Megan suggested/threatened “You don’t have to remind me of that. What is it with these men and Hope Williams Brady? She’s like catnip. What is it that they see in her?”

When Rolf debated that it could be her beauty, brains, and/or bravery, Miranda Wilson summed up her character’s opinion with a succinct and guttered howl!

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