Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Kassie DePaiva

The actress covered a lot of ground in a short time and made a huge impression.

kassie depaiva the days of our lives performer of the weekKassie DePaiva as Eve Donovan.

Though her return appearance was brief — a real flash in pan as far as reprisals go — Kassie DePaiva managed to both telegraph and evoke a wide range of emotions.

Kassie DePaiva — Performer of the Week

The last person Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) expected to run into at Bayview was Eve Donovan, and from the look on DePaiva’s face and the astoundment in her voice when she called out his name, the feeling was mutual.

The former school mates where each curious as to why the other was…well, where they both were. Eve offered to go first and granted that it was a “long, convoluted story to say the least” but the short version was that she let vengeance consume her to the point where she lost all reason.

Upon hearing, Harris recounted how he’d been brainwashed “on more than one occasion” to kill innocent people, DePaiva deadpanned, “Gotta love Salem.”

“I guess this is not where either one of us expected to be after we graduated Salem High, huh?” questioned Harris. No, no it was not. “But then again, I didn’t have as much fun in high school as you did,” offered Eve, DePaiva making the statement rather matter-of-factly and attempting to mask the obvious bitterness with a half-hearted smile.

An attempted retreat was stymied by Harris who insisted on issuing a sincere apology. DePaiva, at first, seemed put out by the very idea of standing around and listening to spiel. She closed her eyes and rattled her head from side to side as if the act could shoo away the painful lingering memories. She argued that the incident that so greatly affected her had happened “a long time ago” as if that was somehow a comfort.

But Harris persisted. He was a total jerk, interested in only hooking up with girls and impressing his friends “and not necessarily in that order.”

DePaiva again masked her alter-ego’s feelings with a blasé attitude. “You just probably thought it was cool to hook up with a girl who’d been a prostitute.” And there was that smile again. That same sad smile that belied the raging storm within.

“I’ve been through a Hell of a lot worse since then, believe me” declared Eve, before adding, in a slightly more animated tone of voice “And I think I remember turning the tables on you back then when I threw that big warehouse party, got you and your friends arrested…. Guess I always had a knack for revenge.”

A subsequent coffee klatch saw DePaiva vomit a whole slew of fantastical recapitulation, including how she used mind control to “brainwash Hope Brady’s serial killer son-in-law to murder his own wife.”

The tale that Kassie DePaiva had to impart was a melodramatic mess to be sure, but the journey she steered her character through was appreciatively grounded. DePaiva visibly recoiled as she recounted Eve’s heinous crimes, visibly brightened when discussing “her’ late daughter, Paige, and beamed when relaying how she was soon to be released and pondering her future. Brava!

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