Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Brandon Beemer

The actor stepped forward and delivered a blistering performance this week.

brandon beemer the days of our lives performer of the week.Brandon Beemer and Shawn Douglas Brady.

Though his DAYS alter-ego may be considered a supporting character, Brandon Beemer proved that he can turn in a performance as arresting as any marquee star.

Brandon Beemer — Performer Of The Week

When Beemer’s Shawn was caught desperately trying to unscrew the cap on a bottle of vodka and questioned as to whether or not he knew it was barely past breakfast time he answered in the affirmative and queried as to whether or not his wife knew how hard it was to find a liquor store open that early.

As delivered, the responses were equal parts cheeky and pathetic. And kudos to Beemer for managing to get Shawn’s soused state across without resorting to overblown theatrics. A slurred word here, a fumbled sentence there. The point was well and truly made.

Beemer also excelled at tempering Shawn’s fury even as he railed at Belle (Martha Madison). It was clear that every pointed word he hurled was owed to his own self-recrimination. When he fumed that he wanted to hurt because that’s what he deserved, the pain was palpable.

Shawn’s subsequent confrontation with megalomaniacal Megan (Miranda Wilson) was another triumph for Brandon Beemer.

His movements when traversing the space between the two of them belied his drunken state, but the fire behind his eyes and the hate-filled expression on his face was that of a man on a mission — a mission to see Megan finally pay for her crimes.

Beemer got up close and personal with Wilson, her face inches from his own, his hands and digits — his pointer finger in particular — gestating wildly, his voice bellowing.

When Megan exhibited a modicum of fear, Beemer issued a deep chuckle and bid her to tell him what was the matter. Was she scared? Turns out she was [scared enough to pull a gun on him and seriously contemplate using it], and rightfully so considering the intensity which Beemer brought to the scene.

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