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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Blake Berris

The actor was able to tap into multiple emotional levels and truly shine.

days of our lives performer of the week blake berrisBlake Berris

Blake Berris is always a welcome addition to the DAYS canvas, despite his blaggard alter-ego being the type who leaves a lot to be desired. Still, Nick Fallon isn’t all bad. He’s not particularly good…but he’s not all bad.

Blake Berris — Performer of the Week

In life, Nick was — amongst a whole host of other things– a gaming aficionado, so it only seems wholly appropriate that he wiles away his days in the afterlife playing ‘Battle of the Angels’.

The absolute glee that Berris exhibited as he mimed clipping the wings of a, “holier than thou archangel,” and executing the heavenly host in a most spectacular conflagration was almost catching, and his deadpan explanation that Satan literally invented explicit videogames so young’uns would have gateway introductions to aggression and violence was unsettlingly funny.

But the actor didn’t hide behind comedy gold alone.

When Brandon Barash’s Jake DiMera came calling (read: bothering), Berris pointedly condescended, self-aggrandized, poked and prodded, and gloated up a storm. He flashed such an assured grin that there were surely many in the audience who would have gladly punched it off him.

With the evoking of Julie Williams’ name, the worm began to turn. Literally. Gone in an instant was the cocky demeanor, the grin. Berris supplanted the bravado for…ruefulness(?)…contrition(?)…self-reproach(?)

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Whatever the state, Berris’s Nick still had some fire and brimstone left in him. When Jake opined that his counterpart wasn’t a lost cause, Berris hurled himself around and demanded to know what he was in that case. Was he merely traumatized? Was he redeemable? Please! “You don’t end up where I ended up because you were misunderstood OK. I really am that bad.”

And sure, a pretty terrible thing did happen to Nick. He was raped…a fact that the survivor now felt free to shout from the rooftops despite never being able to do so while he was alive. That agreed, Nick insisted that the conversation come to a close. He lived that life, he doesn’t need it recapped.

Jake persisted. “It is not too late Nick.” And he was right.

Jake’s words finally hit home, and Nick decided to do the decent thing by Marlena (Deidre Hall), Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and Kate (Lauren Koslow). The women were free to return to their earthly bodies.

His work concluded, Nick expressed genuine concern for the femmes’ well-being and good-naturedly teased Jake about looking forward to locking horns — or wings, as the case may be — with him on another occasion. Any opportunity to see Blake Berris again would be greatly appreciated.

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