How Maggie Horton Kiriakis Will Run Titan on Days of our Lives

There’s a new mogul in Salem on Days of our Lives!

days of our lives maggie horton kiriakis two images of herMaggie is ready to be a Days of our Lives Titan...of industry.

Alex had a good point on Days of our Lives when he reminded his aunt Maggie that she’d never run a multi-national corporation. And, no, a couple of restaurants don’t count. But Maggie is convinced that having been married to Victor, she’s picked up enough over the years.

Days of our Lives: Maggie Horton Kiriakis As Mogul

Besides, she’ll have Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) as her little helper. How can they go wrong? We’re more curious about how they can go right. Here’s how we expect Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) to restructure her new project.

Titan: Kindler and Gentler

Does Maggie remember how many times she and Victor (John Aniston) sparred over how he did business? Maggie absolutely hated when Victor did mean things to make money. Well, to make even more money.

We expect that, under Maggie’s watch, Titan will become the nicest company in town! Do you owe them money? All debts are forgiven! Can’t afford their products? Here you go, you can have them for free! Want a promotion? Here you go! At Titan, we share and share alike. Now everybody, here’s a home-baked muffin!

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Back To Days of our Lives Basics

Maggie told Alex that her background as a poor farm orphan qualifies her to run Titan. So we can assume she’ll be running her husband’s company like one runs a farm. Early to bed, early to rise. They’ll be up with the sun, planting, sowing, reaping…all the farm words. And the cafeteria? It will only serve food they’ve grown in-house. Locally sourced Titan!

She will hire men who enjoy removing their shirts and flexing their muscles. Alex is first in line for the new dress code. And there will be gingham. So…much…gingham. They may even get a scarecrow for the front. To keep the mean people who don’t want to share and share alike (see above) out.

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