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Days of our Lives Made It Impossible to Root for Chanel Dupree and Talia

If Talia Hunter doesn’t want to be here on DAYS, why should we?

chanel dupree and talia hunter on days of our lives.It's hard to root for Chanel and Talia Hunter.

From the minute Chanel Dupree showed up on Days of our Lives, she’s had her heart ripped up and stomped on. Johnny married her, then got possessed by the Devil and publicly dumped her. (It happens more often than you might think.)

Days of our Lives: Poor Chanel Dupree

Then Allie (Lindsay Arnold) moved in and played house with Chanel (Raven Bowens)…until she cheated on her with Alex. (We mean the time she slept with him, just the two of them, not the time she slept with him, just the three of them.) Now, Chanel thinks she may, once again, have a chance at love with Talia. But their burgeoning relationship is impossible to enjoy.

DOOL: Strike One

Now, we’re not talking about the obvious problems, such as that Talia (Aketra Sevillian) is Chanel’s employee, and that she’s never been with a woman before. That’s all child’s play compared to the real issue: Talia is only pretending to like Chanel in order to please her actual boyfriend, Colin (Jasper Newman), and Chanel has no idea she’s being used.

Days of our Lives: Double Trouble

Now, soaps are no strangers to stories about one person having an ulterior motive in dating another, then falling in love in spite of themselves. Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) only saw Stephanie (Abigail Klein) as a challenge before developing real feelings for her. Steve (Stephen Nichols) initially used Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) as a way to get back at her brother, Bo (Peter Reckell).

DAYS: Doubling Down On Chanel Dupree and Talia Issues

But this situation is worse. It’s not only that Chanel is being used. Talia is being used, too. She is being emotionally abused and manipulated by a guy who claims to love her. That makes their interactions unpleasant to watch.

In addition, Talia is prostituting herself for Colin. She is clearly uncomfortable and unhappy. And that makes her and Chanel’s interactions unpleasant to watch.

Root of the Days of our Lives Problem

How can we root for this couple, when Talia doesn’t want to be there, and we don’t want Chanel to be there? It all feels sordid and dirty. Not a great start to any couple.

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