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Chad and Ciara??? Not If Days of Our Lives Fans Have Their Way!!!

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P oor, SORAS’d Ciara hasn’t had an easy time of it since she grew up literally overnight last fall. The “Days of Our Lives” teen watched her father die the day after returning to her, believed her new stepfather tried to murder her mother, and then became a rape victim at the hands of her stepbrother.

That’s enough to make anyone go off in the wrong direction, but we thought Ciara was finally ready to get it right with sweet Theo–a boy who wants to do nothing but love and protect her. The problem is Ciara seems to now have eyes for Theo’s Uncle Chad, an older man going through his own hard time as his wife, Abby, languishes away in an institution. Ciara was more than happy to move into the guesthouse and care for his infant son, but will her infatuation go too far?

Soap Hub asked if you think these two lonely souls should be together, despite their age difference, and you let us know in no uncertain terms.

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Out of nearly 8,000 votes, a whopping 92% want Ciara to stay as far away from Chad as possible, and vice versa. Nothing good can come of a relationship between these two, plus you want him to stay loyal to Abby until she gets well.
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A much smaller 6% can see how Chad and Ciara might need each other and turn to each other out of hurt and loneliness. While it wouldn’t be an ideal situation, it would certainly be an understandable one that explores their characters better.

The final 4% don’t even care. You’re sick of Ciara’s angst and don’t understand what was so wrong with Hope that she felt living on the DiMera grounds was a good idea. You’d rather skip Chad and Ciara scenes than give them the time of day.

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