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We Can Rebuild Him: Days of Our Lives Fans Sound Off On Steve’s Bionic Eye Story

Steve and Kayla Days of Our LivesSteve and Kayla Days of Our Lives

Steve can see again on Days of Our Lives! Yay! Daytime’s favorite one-eyed wonder is now… back to one working eye. (As he told John, some women are really into that.)

Of course, there’s the minor wrinkle that Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) sold her soul to Stefan (Tyler Christopher) in order to make it happen – and she’s lying to Steve (Stephan Nichols) about it… but that’s soap love!

But now, Stefan is threatening to turn off Steve’s eye – remotely with an app on his phone – unless Kayla keeps doing his bidding.

Is this story just too ridiculous… and right before what some say is a ridiculous departure for the character? Here’s what almost 12,000 fans are thinking.

Bye-Bye, Sci-Fi
Yes, 71% of you sigh with disgust. It’s getting super ridiculous. What’s next? Is Stefan going to be able to hack Steve’s eye so he can see what Steve sees?

Will he be able to control the rest of Steve’s senses? Will he then download Steve’s sensations onto a flash drive and use it to create an army of brainwashed Steves? This isn’t General Hospital!

Sure, Stefan’s daddy, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), may have implanted chips into people’s heads, most notably Hope (Kristian Alfonso), who spent a couple of years thinking she was Princess Gina. And Stefan’s mom, Vivian (Louise Sorel), has a habit of burying people alive.

But a remote control bionic eye – that’s crossing the line!

History Lesson
See brain chips… and getting buried alive… there was also crystal buried in ice show floors… devil possession… and many, many, MANY returns from the dead. (Some of them got their own island.) It’s all in a day’s work in Salem, 28% of the audience reminds.

When you compare it to all of the above, Stefan’s bionic eye is actually pretty realistic, if cutting edge. Modern medicine entered the realm of science fiction decades ago. And soaps have always lead the way.

Remember Erica’s un-abortion on All My Children? As the World Turns aging – and de-aging – treatments? One Life to Live’s embryo transfer? Daytime drama has always been a trendsetter.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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