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BREAKING: The Soap Opera Event of A Lifetime

Soap Opera Mega EventSoap Opera Mega Event

Soap opera fans around the world are both reeling and rejoicing after the surprise announcement that the four remaining American daytime dramas – The Young and the Restless (YR), Days of our Lives (DAYS), General Hospital (GH), and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) – will be combining for what is being described as the “event of a lifetime.”

The recently released trailer promises a world-spanning story with characters from each show paying visits to one another’s haunts… and the gripping scenes have already hinted at what that story might be.

DAYS and YR: Under Lock and Key

The trailer begins with Sonny Corinthos (GH) having apparently been called to a police station, only to see that a cell within it has been refurbished to resemble a lavish sitting room. It’s the occupant that draws the most attention, however: Victor Newman (YR) seems to be in the middle of delivering a lecture to someone just out of view. A hint of recognition flashes on Sonny’s face as he observes the scene… and perhaps a hint of wariness, as well.

Strange Bedfellows?

A potential rivalry isn’t the only twist to be telegraphed in the trailer, though: We are soon treated to a brief exchange during which Valentin Cassadine (GH) is referred to as a “prince” by an adoring Kate Roberts (DAYS). In light of what the man has learned of his heritage, that royal title may be little more than a pet-name, but it might also be a sign that a deeper truth has been uncovered.

A Soap Opera Deal With A DiMera

Other truths are set to surface on this, too, as becomes evident when Chad DiMera (DAYS) is seen promising to keep Nikki Newman (YR) out from behind bars. Whatever deal he may have proposed, it’s obvious that the queen of Genoa City has other ideas: Rather than accept the offer, she firmly declines, prompting an amused smile from her conversational partner. There’s clearly a plot in place, and given what the trailer has already shown us, it may have to do with The Mustache’s place in a Port Charles prison.

No Rest For the Wicked

Appropriately, it’s Victor Newman himself who is seen next, claiming that he has traveled to this place in order to seek forgiveness… from Wyatt Spencer (BB), no less. The younger man is equal parts amused and offended by the request, shooting it down with a curt “No!” before laughing in disbelief. Brief though the conversation is, it leaves us wondering what could have possibly happened to turn these two into enemies.

A Standoff For the Ages

Animosity also seems to be in ample supply elsewhere, with the trailer’s next scene appearing to show a four-way standoff between Steve Johnson (DAYS), Adam Newman (YR), Jason Morgan (GH), and Liam Spencer (BB). Whether or not these four will actually be at each other’s throats remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Everyone is ready for a fight… even the unnamed but oddly familiar individual standing behind Liam.

Clash of the DAYS and GH Titans

What might be the teaser’s most-noteworthy moment occurs immediately thereafter, treating us to a look at Sonny Corinthos in the midst of a tense confrontation with Victor Kiriakis (DAYS). As the two crime lords stare one another down, insinuations of a prison sentence – or perhaps something worse – are thrown with icy steel, along with the suggestion that some unforgivable deed has already been done. There’s almost certainly more to come, though, as evidenced by the defiant shout of “Was that a threat?!” that Sonny launches back.

The Pieces Come Together

The trailer ends only seconds later, but not before offering a final clue: Maxie Jones (GH) is heard expressing her approval for an unknown plan… and is then seen speaking with Bill Spencer (BB). Their presence in the Crimson editorial office goes a long way toward explaining why the entire executive staff of Spencer Publications is apparently in Port Charles, but it raises several more questions, as well: What could have brought these men and women together? What alliances will they form, and what betrayals can we expect? Has anyone remembered to look at the date of this teaser’s release? Why it’s April Fools’ Day, of course! What better way to celebrate than with an April fool of soap opera goodness?

Regardless of what the answers might be, we’ll all be looking forward to Days of our Young and Beautiful Hospital.

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