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Blame Game: How Fans Feel About Gwen’s Latest Days of our Lives Lie

DAYS Spoilers Gwen and Abigail on Days of our Lives

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It was the perfect storm on Days of our Lives. Gwen learned that she’d lost her baby. Then Abigail yelled at her. Then they found themselves at the top of the stairs. Then Gwen fell down.

Days of our Lives Polling

Seriously, it’s like God himself was condoning Gwen claiming that it was Abigail’s attack that caused her to miscarry. How do fans feel about her false accusation? Over 5,000 voted:

‘Fess Up

A majority, 78%, understand that Gwen (Emily O’Brien) is grieving, but you also believe she should set the record straight as soon as possible. For one thing, it’s the right thing to do. But, more importantly, it won’t hold up.

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Gwen came to the hospital when she began cramping and Dr. Snyder examined her and told her the baby had no heartbeat. Which means there is an official record of it. Which means it will come to light sooner or later. Which means Gwen might as well confess… before somebody else makes her.

Time Is Running It Out

A smaller 17% of you really feel for Gwen. You believe she sincerely wanted to be a good mother to make up for the terrible childhood she endured. She’s in shock and she’s angry, and Abigail (Marci Miller) definitely said some horrible things to her. But, see above – this is unsustainable. If she comes clean now, she’ll be the hero, not the victim.

Get Her, Gwen

Abigail was a total witch, 5% of the audience has no guilt about judging, and she deserves whatever Gwen wants to fling at her. The fact is, it was Abigail’s fault that Gwen fell, and she really did want the baby – and Gwen – to die. So if intention counts for anything, Abigail is to blame. Gwen is just making it easier for the world to see it clearly. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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