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And Baby Makes Two? Will Lani Fall For Eli On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

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Lani and Eli are not the first couple to get it backwards on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). First a baby, then… a relationship?

Lani (Sal Stowers) and Eli (Lamon Archey) initially had sex on New Year’s Eve because they thought the real loves of their lives, JJ (Casey Moss) and Gabi (Camila Banus), were cheating on them. I mean, what else were they supposed to do?

Lani ended up pregnant, and when JJ assumed the baby was his, she went along with it – to give JJ a reason to live. Eli lied to Gabi for a while, too, but the truth eventually came out.

JJ broke up with Lani, and Gabi… well, she has her own, much bigger problems at the moment.

Eli was there for Lani when a medical crisis developed with the baby. Will their feelings grow into something more? Over 4,000 fans looked down the road and made their predictions:

It’s Inevitable!
Not only is Eli the father of Lani’s baby, he’s been her hero lately, 88% of you observe sagely. And what woman can resist a hero? Especially one that looks like Eli.

The two of them have loads in common, too. Not just that they’re both cops, but that they both grew up without their fathers. Neither Lani nor Eli will want the same for their child. They’ll fall in love simply because there’s no other way this can play out.

Not In the Stars
They may have had sex (once), and they have things in common – not the least of which, the baby – but 11% of the audience just doesn’t see much romantic chemistry there.

Lani and Eli are, at best, polite to each other. They’ll manage to get along and co-parent for the baby’s sake, but you don’t see it going any further than that.

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