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Baby Daddy Dilemma on Days of Our Lives

Philip, Chloe, and Deimos on Days of Our LivesPhilip, Chloe, and Deimos on Days of Our Lives

Expect a paternity test surprise on Days of Our Lives when Deimos learns he’s NOT the father of Chloe’s baby after all.

Imagine Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) shock at the same news–and everyone’s shock when the doctor then announces Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier) also isn’t the culprit, according to the October 3 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Philip and Chloe asked Kate (Lauren Koslow) to help them out, so they thought maybe she paid off the doctor to “doctor” the test. But, if she did, wouldn’t he have just said Philip is the expectant dad?

Chloe certainly doesn’t remember sleeping with anyone aside from Deimos (Vincent Irizarry), but of course doesn’t let Deimos know that. It looks like Chloe is in quite a pickle (and we don’t mean pickles and ice cream), when Kate and Philip later grill her. Deimos feels scammed, Philip feels had, and Chloe just feels perplexed.

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So, if Deimos isn’t the father of her new baby–just who is? Deimos certainly isn’t buying every word the doctor says and has to decide whether to let the issue rest or pursue it some more–with Dario’s help, we assume.

But, what if the test results actually ARE correct? Could Chloe have been drugged? Perhaps she was artificially inseminated by an Elvis impersonator without her knowledge. (Hey, it’s happened before on DAYS.) All she knows is she feels abandoned by Philip with nobody to turn to, just when she was excited about the idea of becoming a mom again. Will Nicole (Arianne Zucker) end up being her only pal in town?

It looks like this story is FAR from over, and what happens next is anyone’s guess…

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