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Are You Team Phillip Or Team Xander On Days Of Our Lives?

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On Days Of Our Lives, Victor named son Phillip and nephew Xander co-CEOs. The two despise each other, which might be a bit problematic.

Days of Our Lives Polling

So far, they’re just sniping at each other. But we know it’s just a matter of time before the situation escalates. So which side are you on? Team Philip (Kenneth Jay Johnson) or Team Xander (Paul Telfer). We have the votes of almost 6000 fans:

Home Court Advantage

While Philip has been out of town doing… whatever… Xander was serving his time in Salem, starting as Victor’s (John Aniston) gardener, then his hired thug, then, finally, a businessman in a snappy suit. He’s earned his position, and 91% of Days of Our Lives fans are determined to make sure he keeps it.

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Not only has Xander done a good job for Victor, but he’s saved Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) life, and somehow gotten Sarah (Linsay Godfrey) to fall in love with him. Just like all of Kristen’s (Stacey Haiduk) sins should be forgiven now that she has Brady (Eric Martsolf) and baby Rachel, so should Xander get the same exemption. His dark past must be erased, and only good things come his way from now on. You want him to win. And wipe that smug grin off Philip’s smug face.

Favorite Son

Philip is Victor’s last surviving child, a much smaller 9% remind. He is the heir apparent, there is nothing Xander can do about that. Xander was just a place-filler while Philip didn’t want to play with Daddy, and now that he’s back, it’s time to step aside like a gentleman and let the true, once and future king assume his position.

Considering that he started off without a shirt and holding pruning shears, Xander should be happy to have any job which involves a suit and an office. Know your place, man! Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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