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Out With the Andre, In With the Tony on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

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On Days of Our Lives (DOOL), Andre would appear to be dead. Of course, this is Salem, and he is a DiMera on top of that, so the odds of him being really most sincerely dead are… on the low side.

But let’s say the schemer really has shuffled off his mortal coil. Does that mean his lookalike, Tony (also played by Thaao Penglis), should be making his own return from the great beyond any day now? Over 8,000 fans had this to say.

A Is For Andre
For 34% of you, Andre not really being dead is the only acceptable way for this story to end. He can’t be dead. He’s obviously just faking it.

He’s doing it to smoke out Vivian (Louise Sorel) and Stefan’s (Tyler Christopher) plan. He’s doing it to make Kate (Lauren Koslow) realize how much she actually does love him. He’s doing it to frame Anna (Leann Hunley).

Anything but the possibility of no more Andre in Salem!

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Bring Him Home
That’s a yes on Tony, cheer 27% of the audience. His life was cut tragically short. And, clearly, Anna can’t function without him. Salem wasn’t big enough for the two of them, but now that Andre is gone….

Six Feet Under
Here’s a novel idea, venture a contrary 25% — how about both guys stay dead? Radical, we know! But Andre was well past his sell-by date, and there’s no room for Tony back in Salem. Anna is moving on to Roman (Josh Taylor), and Kate can do better. The company is in good hands, and neither DiMera brother is needed on the canvas.

Double Your Fun
Or how about they both come back, cheer 12%? They’re a Yin and Yang combo, the hot and the cold, the sweet and the sour. They can do battle, their women can do battle, and we can sit back, watch, and enjoy the fallout.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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