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10 Fun Facts About Our Beloved Bo Brady


[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or over 30 years, Bo Brady made fans’ hearts swoon on “Days of Our Lives.” One of soap opera’s earliest anti-heroes, women knew there was a sweetness under that rough motorcycle-clad exterior. But from the get-go, he only had eyes for his Fancy Face. Or did he?

Bo (Peter Reckell) loved three women enough to marry them–two of them twice! Despite Victor Kiriakis’ blood pulsing through his veins, his moral compass is all Brady. Find out things you may not know, while reliving the moments you love.


Despite being considered a “bad boy,” Bo married several times. He wed Hope Williams (twice), Billie Reed (twice) and Carly Manning (Mayan symbolic wedding, later considered invalid). His children include Shawn-Douglas, Ciara and Zack (deceased) with Hope. He also fathered Chelsea with Billie. That’s a lot of loving.

Bo and Hope marry.

While Bo grew up thinking he was Shawn Brady’s son, it turned out his biological father was really Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston). He was the product of an illicit affair between his nemesis and his mother, Caroline Brady. While he went by the last name only briefly, his full name is Beauregard Aurelius Brady.

Victor Kiriakis

When Bo was in the Merchant Marines with Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols), he was dating a woman named Britta. After finding Britta in bed with his “good friend” Steve, the two men fought. During the fight, Bo put out Steve’s eye — hence he is the reason we know Steve as “Patch.”

Steve “Patch” Johnson and Bo Brady

Despite being seen by most as a gruff kind of guy, Bo gave a sweet gift to Hope (Kristian Alfonso). On her 18th birthday, he gave her a book of poetry that his father had given him. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Hope Brady 3
Hope’s 18th Birthday

Bo teamed up with many folks to help solve Salem mysteries, but nobody was more surprising than Alice Horton (Frances Reid). She helped him get Roman out of jail via drug-laced doughnuts. She even got to take a ride on Bo’s motorcycle!

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Alice Horton

Bo has had many jobs, but did you know he was once a spy? He blamed Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) for his brother Roman’s death and wanted to avenge him. After trying several times, Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) finally convinced Bo to join the ISA.

Shane Donovan

Bo once had to help Stefano–but it wasn’t of his own free will. The Phoenix threatened to kill Hope if Bo didn’t find out who killed his daughter, Megan. The killer was actually Larry Welch.

Stefano DiMera

Bo usually had keen intuition but as far as realizing who “The Pawn” (or rather John Black) was, he completely missed the mark! He thought the stranger was actually Stefano. Bo even fought with him until Marlena screamed that he was actually beating up his own brother, Roman (she had the before/after surgery photos). Well actually… oh never mind.

John Black (or is he Roman?) and Marlena Brady

Ever the hero, Bo would do anything to help his family. He even donated bone marrow to his sister Kimberly (Patsy Pease). While she was living in Los Angeles, Kimberly had been diagnosed with Leukemia. Since he was a match, he went there to help her and stayed several months as they recovered.

Patsy Pease
Kimberly Brady

Bo has a tattoo of a dagger on his right shoulder! Steve has the same one on his chest, and Britta also had one. The tattoos were clues to a hidden treasure in Stockholm, Sweden. Bo and Steve got theirs while in the Merchant Marines.

Bo's dagger tattoo
Bo’s dagger tattoo

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