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Do You Really Know Nikolas Cassadine?

Tyler ChristopherTyler Christopher

Character Name: Nikolas Cassadine
Actor:  Tyler Christopher
Occupation: Head of Cassadine Industries
Marital Status: Single
Children: Spencer Cassadine

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ikolas began his life in quite a secretive and auspicious way. He was the result of a forced marriage between Stavros Cassadine and Laura Spencer, who was truly legally married to Luke Spencer.

When Laura escaped from the Cassadine island, she thought she’d be able to return for her baby, but Helena Cassadine made that impossible for her. When Stavros died, Nikolas was raised by his Uncle Stefan until he moved to Port Charles at age 15 and reunited with his mother,

When Nikolas decided to attend public high school with his brother, he began his first romance with Sarah Webber, with he and lucky competing for her. Sarah eventually left town and Nikolas was later shot in a mob altercation and lost his ability to speak. When his speech returned, he learned Stefan was actually his father and not his uncle after all.

[ads2b]Nikolas eventually became engaged to childhood crush Katherine Bell, much to his parents’ chagrin. After Katherine was killed, Nikolas experienced more tragedy when Lucky was presumed dead in a fire. He and Lucky’s love, Elizabeth Webber, bonded in their grief and became close. Of course, Lucky was later found alive and they competed for the same woman once again.

His life became even more complicated after learning Stavros was his father and was even alive, but had been frozen for many years. When Stavros really died this time, Nikolas began a romance with a model named Gia. That romance lived for a while, but eventually fizzled and his next relationship was with Emily Quartermaine, who was dying from breast cancer.

Romance after romance ensued for Nikolas, but he kept yearning for his brother’s wife. When he and Liz had an affair, she became pregnant and Helena doctored the paternity tests to say Nikolas was the baby’s father. Nikolas was thrilled, but later Liz got proof Lucky was indeed Aiden’s dad.

When Nikolas finally found happiness with a woman named Brit, Elizabeth declared her love for him. She also revealed Brit stole Dante and Lulu’s embryo and passed their baby off as hers. When Nikolas learned this, he broke things off with a devastated Britt.

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