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A Buying Guide for Relaxing Weekend Must-Haves

The weekend is here and we’ve got what you need to make the most of your weekend of relaxing, reflection, and recovery. Check out the wonderful items we found that would definitely take your day from good to great! Support us! Soap Hub may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article.

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat

There is nothing better after a long, hard day at work than to come home and sink into your favorite cozy chair and catch up with your favorite soap! Unless…you add a RENPHO Foot massager with heat and Shiatsu Deep Kneading action to help you forget the drama of the day and take you to another world entirely.

It may not be an actual foot massage by your favorite soap opera hunk, but it is sure to tilt your world in the right direction with Reflexology and a deep tissue massage. Experience 15 to 30 minutes of pure heaven before the automatic shut off point. You can relieve the tension of the day, combat headaches and stress, with just a touch of a button, all while watching all your favorite soap characters find their own answers to the crazy world we live in without the benefit of their very own RENPHO massager.

And as you lean into your cushy chair, with a relaxed smile on your face and happy feet, you can be content in the knowledge you too can have it all! Enjoy the glamour and high drama of someone else’s world, while practicing a little self-care and pampering of your own, bringing a healthy dose of relaxation and peace with a targeted foot massage.

THE COMFY Original | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket

Autumn and Winter are upon us. The nights grow longer and bring on a cool, crisp breeze. Stretched out on your couch with a throw blanket becomes a little awkward, as you waste time from watching your favorite daytime dramas, trying to keep the cold draft from creeping in. The COMFY, as seen on Shark Tank, can solve that problem!

An oversized Microfiber & Sherpa wearable blanket that comes in One Size Fits All, with multiple colors and prints available, a huge hoodie, and hand-warming pocket will keep you warm and toasty while you escape into the latest intrigue or sizzling love affair on your daytime soap opera. It covers your whole body as you curl up for all of your TV addictions and guilty pleasures.

The COMFY, designed by 2 brothers, received financial backing by ABC’s Shark Tank’s Barbara Cocoran. It is easy to wash and easy to wear. It can be worn indoors or outdoors, and it makes a perfect gift for all occasions. Make shopping easy for your family, friends, and colleagues. In fact, you can gift yourself with a warm hug and get your very own COMFY today. And if you are watching alone, you’ll always have something to snuggle with this addition to your wardrobe!

LapGear Designer Lap Desk with Phone Holder and Device Ledge

In today’s world, whether you are sheltering in place, working from home, sending out “thank you” cards, wedding invitations or just multitasking while enjoying another corporate take-over on The Young and the Restless, finding a perfect Lap Desk is at the top of everyone’s must-have list! LapGear’s Designer Lap Desk with a Phone Holder and Device ledge delivers a beautiful solution to the nagging problem of getting the job done in comfort and style.

With surface dimensions of 17.75” x 13.75”, it can accommodate a 15.6” laptop and can hold media devices horizontally in a 7.9” slot, with air-flowing ventilation recommended by many laptop manufacturers. A designer-clad cushion and wood-inspired surface conform comfortably to your lap as you enjoy your favorite show.

The eye-pleasing LapGear Designer Lap Desk has a low-profile ledge keep your laptop and other work from sliding, and the micro-bead filled cushion provides a leveled and stable surface to get any job done with ease so your television viewing experience comes uninterrupted and hassle-free. Whether you are shopping for yourself and your own sanity or choosing a gift for a spouse, boss, or a friend, this multitasker’s secret weapon is a sure bet in today’s busy world!

We hope you enjoy these product picks because there is more to come!

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