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Lifestyle Buying Guide: Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Him


Valentine’s Day again. What to get for him? Sure, there are flowers. Chocolates. But you are thinking about something unique. Something different. Soap Hub has done a little reconnaissance work for you and found a few intriguing choices. Here are our Top Five Valentine’s gifts for the man in your life.

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Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift for him that keeps on giving. Talk, Flirt or Dare is a card game for couples. The Talk cards bring up great conversation points for couples or groups to test their knowledge of each other and bring them closer together. Pick a Flirt or Dare card and you can fan the flames of passion in a fun way. Whether it is serving a partner a drink or revealing your partner’s favorite outfit, the cards offer a fun way to promote closeness.

There are three game levels to Talk, Flirt, or Dare. Participants can choose the level they are most comfortable with. The game can be used privately or in a group, in an intimate setting, or party, or even on road trips. Relationships do not have to be complicated. They can be entertaining too!

Back And Neck Massager With Heat

It’s hard to be romantic when you have a pain in the neck (no pun intended). Or shoulders. Or back. The Shiatsu Massager is a thoughtful gift for a loved one who carries a lot of pain and stress in their bodies, to help them unwind. It uses heat, 8 bi-directional, an auto-reverse feature, and a deep kneading massage. 

The massager easily attaches to a chair or car seat. It comes with an AC adapter, a car adapter, a multifunctional cover, and features an automatic shut-off after 15 minutes. Great for home use or long road trips. And you can use it too! A few minutes of massage could change an entire evening. Wink.

Jerky Heart

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the Man Crates Store heard that call. Jerky Heart is a heart-shaped gift box filled with a variety of individually wrapped beef jerky. You can seduce him with the provocative allure of delicious meat flavors, such as Whisky Maple, Honey Bourbon, Garlic Jerky, Black Pepper, Root Beer, Seasame Ginger, and much more.

The gift box suggests it is the tired old Valentine gift of chocolates, but imagine his delight when he opens the box! Surprise your beefcake with tantalizing meat treats for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or just because. And if you are lucky, he will share. Add a six-pack of his favorite beer and he just may decide you’re a keeper.

Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

If your man has a sweet tooth, here’s a deal for you. The Chocolate Caramel Crunch Grand Gift Basket for the Golden Gate Fruit Store is a plethora of sweet delights. From chocolate drizzled popcorn, caramel drizzled popcorn, Ghirardelli dark and milk chocolate squares, chocolate covered cashews, chocolate covered pretzels, and peanut brittle, there is something for everyone! 

Whether it is a special treat for the man in your life, or a gift for a friend, family, or colleague, this basket checks all the boxes, at least for the sugar addicts in your life. All of the handmade and handcrafted delectable treats are bound to bring smiles and win hearts for just about any occasion.

UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

The feet bare the brunt of torture we put our bodies through every day. So a little tender loving care goes a long way. If you are looking for a loving gift for your man, try UGG Ascot Slippers. The best-selling slippers are wool-lined, water-resistant suede with a rubber sole. He can rinse off the residue of the day, change into something more comfortable, and slip his weary feet into a little slice of heaven designed by the UGG store.

These slippers are meant to fit like a glove, feel soft and warm, and geared for pure comfort. After a couple of days of wear around the house, he may even forget he has them on. He will appreciate you. His feet will appreciate you. And when he puts those feet up on his favorite ottoman and looks at you with a soap star smile. Well, that another win for you.

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