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Lifestyle Buying Guide: The Best Games For Family Game Night

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Family Game Night is back! With the whole family under siege, whether it be homeschooling, too much time indoors, too much time in front of electronics, working long hours, all work and no play makes people cranky. Who needs cranky when you can have some gut-busting family fun? Soap Hub has the Top Five Games that will turn the family’s frown upside down.

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Kids Against Maturity

With 500 cards and 40,000 unique combinations, the Award-winning Kids Against Maturity card game provides endless hours of unplugged fun! Geared towards kids 8+ and up (think lots of potty humor), but this game is truly a blast for the whole family. Adults will be surprised how much they will enjoy playing along. Plenty of play on words and innuendo to keep them intrigued. If you are looking for humor during quarantine, this card game holds the key.

It is easy to carry, great for indoors, outdoors, camping, sleepovers, pool parties, and sick days. Engaging for preteens to grandparents. Parents are welcome to remove any cards they deem inappropriate to any member of the family and still have plenty there for an evening of die-hard cry-laughing. Kids Against Maturity has already garnered 9 family game awards and still counting. Humorless parents need not apply.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens. Just the title is tantalizing. Described as a highly-strategic, kitty-inspired version of Russian roulette. The most-backed game in the history of Kickstarter, with illustrations by The Oatmeal, promises peace and tranquility in the modern world. It seems easy enough, includes 56 cards for 2 – 5 players, and it takes 5 minutes to learn, 15 minutes to play. Think Uno, but with exploding kittens, some superhero-like Cats, goats, laser-beams, enchiladas, catnip sandwiches, and kitten yoga.

An imaginative, original concept game that is the perfect tool to lure children away from their computer games for a new spin on old-fashioned fun. Recommended for ages 7+, but may get hijacked by any teenagers or adults in the mix. It is just that fun. A blast of silliness for all of the family and friends. Once you have joined the Exploding Kittens universe, you can look forward to Imploding Kittens coming soon.

Beat That!

Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges is a party game that engages the whole family. It comes with 160 Challenge cards, 80 betting tokens, 10 cups, 5 balls, 4 dice, chopsticks, memo pad, tape measure, and a sand timer. The game is great for team building and occupational therapy, in addition to family gatherings, as it encourages confidence, dexterity, motor skills, coordination, and teamwork.

Players tackle fun, tricky, and brazen challenges in 4 categories; they can go solo, compete against each other, team up with another player, or go head to head with an opponent. Each game takes about 40 minutes. If your family is really competitive, you could play all day! Recommended for ages 9+, roll up your sleeves, place your bets, and bring on the fun.

Throw Throw Burrito

The Exploding Kittens masterminds have come up with another original concept family-friendly party game soon to be a classic. Throw Throw Burrito is the world’s first dodgeball card game. Hide the expensive tchotchkes and clear some space. The concept is that one player tries to match as many sets of cards as possible, while simultaneously ducking and dodging the spongey and squishy burritos thrown by your opponents. You earn points by collecting sets, and lose them by getting tagged by flying burritos. 

The game accommodates up to 6 players, ages 7+, and comes with 120 cards, 7 tokens, and 2 adorable foam burritos that are perfectly harmless despite their reputation. So, you can rack up points, steal points, declare war on other players, or go one-on-one. Challenge someone to a burrito duel, stand back to back, walk three paces, and FIRE! Lots of fun, no calories. Very satisfying.


Sequence by Goliath has something for everyone. Simple enough for kids, yet stimulating for adults, the game has hints of card games such as poker, rummy, and canasta. You play a card, place a chip on the corresponding place on the board. When you get 5 in a row, you get Sequence. Players can block opponents, and take their chips. Two-eyed Jacks are wild and can be used to your advantage.

The game is recommended for 2 – 12 players, ages 7+ and up, but younger family members can play along with adults and still enjoy. Skills can be fostered by using strategy, back-up plans, and a little bit of luck. Included in the set are 104 playing cards, 50 crowning chips in red, blue, and green, and a game board. Friday night game night will soon be a family classic. Start making memories today!

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