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Lifestyle Buying Guide: Our Favorite Women’s Fragrances

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Ladies are very serious about their signature scents. Some may have been lucky enough to find theirs early on. Other ladies choose theirs from fond memories of their childhood and people from their past. Others change them as their passions and lives change. Regardless, finding the right perfume that will be with you every day is serious business. Soap Hub took the competitive edge off of fragrance shopping and picked the top five must-haves.

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Versace Bright Crystal

Versace is a fashion company known for its bold designs, bright flashy colors, and for adorning some of the famous people on the planet. Founded in 1978 by the great Gianni Versace, the company logo is the head of Medusa. He found it in a floor design while playing in ruins as a child. Legend has it that she had a way of making people fall in love with her and then there was no turning back. Gianni hoped that his company would have that same effect on consumers. And not just their clothing line but accessories and scents too.

The Versace Bright Crystal Eau De Toilette Natural Spray is a sight to behold. The casing itself looks like a jewel in your hand, flickering as the light hits it just like a crystal. Yuzu and pomegranate layered over a base of musky amber and mahogany, with hints of Peony, Lotus, and Magnolia evokes memories of white sand beaches and sparkling crystal blue waters as far as the eyes can see. It is fresh, flirty, and enchanting, with a subtle scent that lingers for hours reminding that special someone that you were there. And the smile on their face as they remember you…priceless.

Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Eau De Toilette Spray

Dolce & Gabbana created Light Blue Eau De Toilette by capturing the essence of the Mediterranean in a bottle. Crystal blue waters, with white shorelines where the sky meets the water, and the strong sensuality of a modern woman. The inspiration behind it was that scent should be just a signature as clothing, a gateway to their soul. The mere presence of the scent should linger like a fond memory of a vacation in Southern Italy or that feeling you get when you are falling in love.

Light Blue is Sicilian cedar, mixed with a vibrant crisp apple, a hint of bluebell, bamboo nestles, citronwood, and amber, all the femininity of jasmine and white rose, and add a touch of the seduction powers of musk. A perfume masterfully crafted to evoke feelings, experiences and linger with you wherever you go. It calls to you like a sweet whisper, lively, fresh, and light.

Calvin Klein euphoria

Calvin Klein is more than a clothing and fragrance line. It is a lifestyle. Bold, provocative, innovative, and progressive, the company seeks to ignite, inspire, and seduce all of your senses. Founded in 1968, they have continued to build on these ideas. Fragrances have become a major force to be reckoned with in the Klein arsenal. They really seem to get it right every time. The latest addition to the scent collection, Euphoria, has captured sexy in a bottle.

Inspired by the mythical Black Orchid, hitting the intoxicating sexy and exotic notes, with a faint whisp of pomegranate, persimmon, champaca flower, and lotus blossom, followed by a lush green and cream accord, all tied together with a liquid amber and mahogany base. The bottle itself was designed with the curves of a woman’s body in mind. Dreams and passions captured like a Genie in a bottle, crafted to make you feel glamorous, sensual, and desirable. Just say WOW!

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Happy By Clinique

Perfumes are not about covering up smells or a hygiene routine. It is about how a scent makes you feel, how it makes others feel around you. As it mingles with your own body chemistry, it creates something unique just for you — a signature. And it all starts with a good title. Clinique’s Happy has been around for nearly 25 years and is still a favorite. The name draws you to it and the scent reminds you of all of nature’s wondrous things, like a floral, citrusy bouquet. All these amazing emotions well up inside and you feel…happy.

Close your eyes and sniff, you will catch a vibrant mix of ruby red grapefruit and bergamot, mixed with the soft and sensual whiff of the Hawaiian wedding flower, boysenberry, honeysuckle, bush flower, freesia, moss, lemon, and spring mimosa. It is like spring all year round. Lightning in a bottle. Spread a little happiness everywhere you go with this signature scent.

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Crush

Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Crush Fragrance, a new addition inspired by their intoxicatingly addictive Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and its popularity promises to always be cheirosa (always smell absolutely delicious). It really makes you want to be on a beach in Brazil, playing volleyball with all your friends, or soaking up the sun or the waves. Drinking a Batida (look it up, it is fabulous), under an umbrella if your skin is fair. More than just a fragrance but an experience. And you want to smell good too!

A sunny, yet seductive scent, layered with the enticing fragrances of almond and pistachio, mingled with a faint yet disarming whiff of heliotrope and jasmine petals, and a splash of vanilla, salted caramel, and sandalwood. A vacation in a body spray. The mist is an all-over delicious experience…Be cheirosa. From sunrise to sunset, let this scent take you away!

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