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Lifestyle Buying Guide: Make Your Home A Smart Home

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Dreaming of making your home a Smart Home, but afraid of the cost? You don’t have to take on a second mortgage to purchase solar panels for your home, or have an electrician tear out wall to rewire your dwelling. There are simple, easy, and inexpensive ways that you can make your dreams of a Smart Home come true. Take a look at Soap Hub’s Top Five Smart Home gadgets that will save you money and give you peace of mind.

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Google Nest Thermostat

The Google Nest Programmable WiFi Thermostat is a small investment that makes a huge difference in creating a Smart Home. The Energy Star certified thermostat can be controlled wherever you are by an Android or iPhone, laptop or tablet. The Nest will turn down the thermostat when you leave the house so that the energy will not be wasted on an empty home. It’s compatible with up to 85% of all heating and cooling systems. It even alerts you if it senses something is wrong with your system.

The set up is easy. Everything you need is in the box. It takes up to 30 minutes to install. The Savings Finder looks for more ways that you can save money and energy by making suggestions about scheduling your app. You can check with your energy provider to see if there are rebates connected to your Nest unit. Add Alexa and you can even control the thermostat with the sound of your voice. It is a win-win purchase any way you look at it.

Mini Wifi Smart Plug

Looking for a Genie in the bottle to solve your energy woes? The Gosund Mini WiFi Smart Plug Outlet may answer your prayers. The Smart plugs allow you to control the energy output of your appliances remotely. That’s right, from anywhere. With Alexa or Google Assistant, you can make a pot of coffee, toast bread, turn lights on or off, and even start a crockpot so dinner is ready when you arrive home. And it is easy to share with the whole family in less than a minute.

Easy to install, plug-in mount, and a push-button start. The plugs come in a set of four. They are 120v, 1200 Watts, and 10 amps. You can create schedules, on and off times, and customize your devices to save money. It was created with safety overload features in place, with flame retardant thermoplastics, and copper connectors. Save lots, spend less, and get Smart!

Philips Hue White Light Bulb

You know the old saying, “Let there be light.” What if you said that, and there IS, a light. With the Philips Hue Bluetooth Compatible A19 Light Bulbs, you can talk to Alexa or your Google Assistant, or simply touch your phone, laptop, or tablet and turn on and off all of your lights, up to 50 indoor or outdoor Hue Hub lights. It is a liberating thought. Almost magical.

The Philips Hue is Energy Star certified, has 25,000 lifetime hours, based on industry-based usage. You can create schedules based on your routines to light up your home daily, and while you are away. Install, download, connect, control from your app, and add Alexa or Google Assistant. Easy peasy. Start with two bulbs and you will want to light up your entire home. 

LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifiers

The Levoit Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is a no-brainer must-have for any home. Whether placed in your child’s room or your bedroom, the unit helps you to breathe a little easier. It keeps moisture in the air, helps allergy symptoms, is super beneficial for dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips, and helps relieve symptoms of colds and flu. A bonus…it helps you to sleep more soundly. 


The Levoit is easy to clean, includes a comforting night light, offers the option of adding essential oils for a soothing fragrance dispersal, safely designed and certified for all members of the family. The cool mist built-in sensor automatically releases according to your auto mode choice. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can control remotely with a touch of your finger or the sound of your voice. More than a Smart Home choice, it is an investment in your self-care.

Wyze Cam

Need some extra eyes on your sleeping child or wayward pet? The Wyze HD Indoor Wireless Camera has 2-way audio, night vision, is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and can live-stream from anywhere to your mobile device. You can connect to your family and friends with a two-way audio device through your Wyze. The camera can capture and store on iCloud for up to 14 days free. An Alert function helps you to stay on top of situations in your home with your app. 

The motion tagging function can alert you to both live stream and playback video mode. The Wyze app can manage and share multiple cameras, multiple users, send alert videos, record and share photos and videos directly to an app. Whether you are just security-minded, super curious, or just want to tune into your home and share with your loved ones with this nifty gadget, the Wyze HD camera may be calling out to you.

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