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Lifestyle Buying Guide: Give Yourself An At-Home Pedicure

Daily Lifestyle Lists_ Give Yourself An At Home Pedicure

Big solutions for foot problems. Giving your feet the tender loving care they need is an investment in your health and future. It truly is time to get serious about foot care. Don’t know where to start? How about right here. Soap Hub has done all the “foot” work for you and found the top five products to address your weary feet in the comfort of your home, easy and effortlessly.

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Foot Spa/Bath Massager

Our feet take a beating every single day. Think about it. Whether used as a vehicle to take us where we need to go or the type of job we do that may require us to be on our feet all day. Working, walking, exercising, footwear, all do damage to what may arguably be one of the most important parts of our bodies. Stop the abuse! Our feet need tender, loving care. MaxKare Foot Spa and Bath Massager is the answer to everything foot-related.

Imagine coming home and dipping your tired, weary feet into the hot water (up to 118 degrees) with jacuzzi-like bubbles, rolling your pain away on the 16 massagers hitting all of the right acupressure points and reflexology recommendations while adjusting the easy-to-use and easy-to-read controls for a peak enjoyment experience. It is truly like having a spa in your home. Powered by 500W and has overheat protection, this unit will nurse your feet to optimum health. Side bonus: you will sleep better too.

Beurer 24-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit

The average person takes around 7,500 steps a day, more if you are an athlete, parent, or Amazon delivery person. Just imagine how that adds up for a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime. Your feet are screaming for attention. You need to take foot care seriously. Don’t have time for a professional pedicure every week? Bring professional foot care into your home with the Beurer 24-piece Manicure and Pedicure Nail Drill Kit.

Every kit includes an electric power drill, 10 high-quality attachments, 10 sanding bands, a cord, a dust protector, and a storage case. Each of the attachments is made of stainless steel made with durable sapphire. The drill has 18 settings and an LED light feature to help you focus on the precise work of healthier feet, with a dust shield for safe and clean work at home. Your feet will be singing to you in no time!

Callus Remover Gel

Corns and calluses are quite common for people. This is often caused by playing instruments, not wearing socks, or ill-fitting shoes. For people who have Diabetes, it can be especially risky. Whether you are just embarrassed to wear flip-flops to the beach, or truly worried about the blood flow and overall health of your feet, there is a secret weapon to unleash on your feet: Lee Beauty Professional grade Callus Remover Extra Strength Gel.

The wonderous gel eliminates dry dead calluses, giving you a salon treatment look and feel. It is easy to use, simply soak your feet, dry, place gel on callused areas, use a pumice stone on callused areas for about 7 minutes, rinse thoroughly, and your feet will be soft and lovely. You will never be ashamed of revealing your feet again. Start shopping for a pair of flip-flops to celebrate!

Foot Peel Mask 3 Pack

The #1 Best Selling Aliver Lavender Foot Masks has all the right bells and whistles that you want in a foot wrap. Your dry, cracked, and callused feet can be baby smooth in a week of using the 3-pack wrap. Made with all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts. No salicylic acid used. Simply insert each foot into the plastic booty, consider a sock over it to keep in place, and wear for 60 minutes. Remove the mask and wash your feet with water. The dry and callused skin will begin peeling in 3 – 7 days.

The 3-pack wraps improve the vitality and nourish the skin of your feet, reduces the appearance of fine lines, effectively improving dry, cracked, and callused feet by gently penetrating the deepest layers of skin, naturally. It works as a professional pedicure but doesn’t drain the pocketbook. You will love the way your feel look and feel. Walk proudly after a little lavender care.

ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks

ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks targets the most challenging area on your feet, every night of the week. The toeless socks are one size fits all. So easy to use. Just wear them to bed and let them work on your dry, cracked heels as you sleep. The hydrating gel moisturizes, heals, and repairs the most problem area like magic. Add your favorite aloe vera or lotion and double the benefits.

The ZenToes socks come in multiple colors, are easily washed for re-use. They are soft and warm to wear. The moisturizing sleeves are made from high-quality nylon/spandex, adding a comforting compression and support to your feet as you sleep. It is like receiving a spa treatment every night. Rejuvenate your feet. Note: ZenToes is owned and operated by women so every purchase supports women in business. A warm and fuzzy bonus!

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