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A Buying Guide: Unusual Gifts and Goodies You’ll Love


Inspired, unusual, fun, and quirky gift-giving made simple. We have scanned the internet and found unique gift choices for even the pickiest of friends or family. Scroll down, and take a peek at lifestyle picks for the hard-to-please or unconventional people in your life. Support us! Soap Hub may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article.

The raajsee Tapestry Hippie Boho Round Mandala Blanket is a beguiling gift for the free spirit in your life. The enchanting 100 % Cotton, 70-inch blanket can be used as a picnic throw, meditation space, yoga mat, or bed throw, yet beautiful enough to use as a wall decoration. Comes in many colors and designs for all of the unique people in your life.

Do you have family and friends depressed and stressed out? You need a Dammit Doll, stat! Stuck in traffic? Smash that doll. Furious at work? Give a Dammit a ferocious good squeeze or pound it into your desk. If you have been looking for the most perfect gag gift. Stop right here. A Random hand-crafted Dammit Doll made with high-quality material will bring more relief, laughter, and joy to every recipient’s life. Including yours!

If you are looking for an innovative, imaginative, and interactive project that’s fun for the whole family, check our ROBOTIME’s 3D Robot Wooden Craft Puzzle and Musicbox with a light. Hours of DIY magic, wonderful for children’s technical skills, and adults will love it too!

What do you get for the person who has everything? A toilet bowl night light. RainBowl’s Motion Sensor Toilet Bowl Night Light is a great gag gift and practical too. The Multicolor Carousel will delight your potty training toddler, is easy on the eyes for those who need relief in the middle of the night, and relieves stress. There’s something for everyone in this novelty choice.

Looking for a fun Family Project? A unique gift idea? A loving keepsake? Luna Bean’s Keepsake Hand Casting Kit is an intriguing and inspired gifting idea anytime of year. The rubbery mold captures every precious fine line, or fingerprint in detail whether you are casting a couple’s hands, a family cast of two adults and a child, or a sweet grandmother’s gentle touch. This is a gift that keeps on giving, brings loving memories along the way!

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May the food be with you! And your Chop Sabers too! The ChopSabers Light Up LightSabor Chopsticks are a one-of-a-kind must-have gift item for your foodie friends or Star Wars fans. Whip these LED powered utensils out at your next social gathering and illuminate the room, and make your friends jealous too.

The nose knows where your glasses are! The whimsical Nirvana Class 6 inch Wooden Nose makes a great desktop, nightstand or bookshelf accessory to store your glasses. Made from rendered Indian wood, this standup eyeglass holder is a quirky, fun idea for someone who is always searching for their eyeglasses.

Know anyone with a serious addiction to Mexican cuisine? Tickle their fancy with the CASOFU Giant Tortilla Throw Blanket. Made of high-quality flannel and eco-friendly dyes, you can bundle up like a burrito if you are cold, use it as a throw, picnic pad, or a bed cover, and it is great for travel. The only drawback is that it looks so real it might just stimulate your appetite!

FULLLIGHT TECH has created the ultimate gift for your high tech friends– an Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Headphones! With High battery capacity but low consumption, you can listen to crisp, clear, and powerful music for 16 – 20 hours. The black cap will keep your head warm and look cool while doing it. A great stocking stuffer for all your friends.

If fishing is your significant other’s superpower, you have to check out Mylivell’s LED Flashlight gloves. The stretchy gloves are made of a comfortable cotton material, comes with a screwdriver, and an adjustable strap to fit all men and women hand sizes. Recommended for dark, tight spaces, outdoor work, working on cars and electrical work.

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