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Will A Surprise Pregnancy Keep Flo Out Of Jail On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Flo and Wyatt The Bold and the BeautifulFlo and Wyatt The Bold and the Beautiful

Flo is in big trouble for her role in the kidnapping of baby Beth on The Bold and the Beautiful. She’s already in jail and will likely stay there due to her silence.

Of course, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) was likewise facing a stint in the big house — or at least he was going to be questioned by the police — but his trip to the hospital is putting all that on hold. Will Flo get a similar reprieve? Soap Hub asked BB fans to ponder this development.

Get Of Jail Card
The majority of you, over 51%, believe that yes, Flo (Katrina Bowden) won’t have to go to prison. Even if she’s hauled in temporarily, there are numerous ways she could be kept out of prison and a long jail sentence.

For starters, she could turn on her “pal” Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady), telling the police everything she knows could seal the state’s case against the bad doctor.

Or, Flo could find herself pregnant. That might not be an emergency, but it would sure have Wyatt and some Logans on her side. Maybe the judge would at least be lenient, but would it reunite Flo and Wyatt.

Orange is The New Flo
The rest of you, almost 47%, feel that Flo is going to be fitted for prison blues any day now. She stayed silent over a crime she knew was wrong. And there will be consequences for that.

Even if she does turn out to be pregnant, that doesn’t mean she can’t have the baby in prison as plenty of women do. Many feel it would serve her right after she kept Hope from her baby.

Who does Flo think she is to believe she won’t have to pay? A Forrester? In all seriousness, if she has to account for her crimes then others should as well. Will she? Stay tuned to find out! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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