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The Bold and the Beautiful Star Monica Ruiz Offers An Uplifting Message to Parents

Monica Ruiz (ex-Penny) celebrates her special needs son

As Dr. Penny Escobar, Monica Ruiz backpedaled it off the canvas after her role in Sally’s machinations came to light last year. We haven’t seen much of the lying physician, who secretly longed to be a fashion designer, but off-screen, Ruiz has shared an important message that parents will want to read.

Monica Ruiz – A Mother’s Pride

In real-life, Ruiz is a mother to two young sons, Miles and Mikey. She posted how proud she is of her boys on Instagram. “Student of The Month!” Ruiz proudly stated about Miles, who can be seen in the post below holding his certificate. “This probably wouldn’t seem like a big deal to some. Miles is 4.5 and maybe every kid gets an award at least once during the school year but for us, this is a very big day.

“Miles has special needs and has struggled socially in the past but he has come so far in the last year,” the actress adds. “He went from playing mostly alone and hardly engaging to being awarded today for engaging with his classmates, having a great sense of humor, being fun, and leading the class in singing and other activities. 💜

“It’s hard to express how anxious it makes you when you’re told by doctors that your child has developmental delays and then later, a very rare deletion syndrome that causes delays among other health related issues,” she notes. “We didn’t know where to begin or what that actually meant for our child and his future.

“I know now that there just simply isn’t enough discussion or education on neurodiversity and most parents and caregivers likely experience this confusion in the early days,” Ruiz adds. “I myself am always seeking out information because I feel like I have so much to learn. 💙

“As a parent you want your child to feel proud of themselves and Miles has so much to be proud of,” the Peloton commercial performer says. “We are so happy that this kid who makes us laugh so hard and is so full of joy, is building the confidence to be the person he is at home, in the classroom and out in the world. He’s supported and loved outside of our home and I can’t think of anything that makes me happier. 💛

“Being our child’s greatest advocates has put us on a path to understanding more and more about neurodiversity and what a mistake it is to write people off who are labeled or act or speak in ways we might not totally understand,” she notes. “Some of us are wired differently and the more understanding and curiosity we have about each other, the more we might find so much more in common than we imagined.

We all experience life and the world differently and it’s a gift to get to get a glimpse of someone else’s perspective. This is not to say it’s easy,” Ruiz concludes. “He’s a wild child and tests my patience all day long (like every other kid) but he’s thriving and he’s the best big brother anyone could ever ask for. Mikey is very proud of him too ❤️.”

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