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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge Is Happy, Eric Is Not

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap October 9 2020 1The Bold and the Beautiful Recap October 9 2020 1

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for October 5-9, 2020, features yet another DOA Forrester family wedding, and the return of a beloved relation.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Highlights

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) ultimate reunion was predetermined as far back as 1987 – the year the two first laid eyes upon one another. They just had a whole lotta obstacles to overcome beforehand. Like a pair of “wannabes from the desert.”

And luckily Ridge came to his senses BEFORE he took the official plunge into matrimony with Shauna (Denise Richards). Boy, would he have had egg on his face if he learned about her and Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) manipulations after the fact.

And, since it wasn’t Ridge who sent Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) that text message instructing him to file the long-ago signed divorce papers, he and Brooke are still technically, legally wed! Now there’s no need for another Carter officiated ceremony…though, let’s face it, Brooke really deserves a lavish (19th?) do over in addition to the myriad of apologies that Ridge should offer.

A Conquering Hero Returns

Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) is back in town, and his relationship with Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) is best left under the heading “it’s complicated.” But if appearances are not deceiving, he’ll soon have his hands full with a complicated love triangle involving himself, Zoe (Kiara Barnes), and Carter.

BB Musings

Now that Ridge and Brooke have reunited – and please God let it be for good this time – and with Steffy safely ensconced in rehab and making progress in dealing with her addiction to prescription pain pills, what story will now dominate the proceedings for the next week or so?

The aforementioned love triangle? Quinn’s desperate attempts to win her estranged husband’s forgiveness? Bill’s (Don Diamont) attempts to woo Katie (Heather Tom)? Something else entirely?

Zoe: “How many Forrester weddings will this make?” Carter: “Officiating? (Chuckle) I lost count about two years ago.” Let’s see…the first was Liam and Steffy. Theirs was followed by services for Rick and Caroline, Ridge and Brooke, Liam and Ivy, Nicole and Zende, and Thomas and Hope.

Then there’s the aborted weddings like the one between Liam and Hope. Perhaps the better question is, “How many SUCCESSFUL Forrester weddings has Carter officiated.” The answer? None.

Flo: “Is my mom here yet, or…” Quinn: “No, she’s still at her friend’s house getting ready for the ceremony.” What friend? Hasn’t it been pretty established that Quinn is the only person that Shauna knew in Los Angeles? When did she suddenly acquire this “close friend” who provided her shelter on her wedding day?

Ridge: “This all seems a little far fetched to me.” First of all, yes. Secondly, THIS is what you find far fetched Ridge? Really? After all that you’ve dealt with over the past 30 some odd years THIS is what you just can’t fathom? The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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