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The Bold and the Beautiful Poll Results: Should Quinn Seek Revenge Against Brooke?

Brooke and Quinn The Bold and the BeautifulBrooke and Quinn The Bold and the Beautiful

Even after 33 years, The Bold and the Beautiful still maintains most of its highly identifiable hallmarks: storybook romances, lush visuals, and garment industry intrigue.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

The one thing it has really been missing as of late is an epic, no holds barred female rivalry in the vein of Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) vs. Stephanie or Stephanie vs. Sally or Shelia vs. any woman unlucky enough to cross her path — seriously, that woman did not have any girlfriends.

However, that tide appears to be changing thanks to the recent brawl between Brooke and Quinn (Rena Sofer) and the resulting promise from the self-styled Forrester matriarch to make Brooke’s life a misery.

But how are the fans liking this turn of events and do they think that Quinn is right to seek revenge against her husband’s second most prolific missus? Here are the reactions from 3,000 voters:

Judge Not…

The vast majority of you — 61% of The Bold and the Beautiful fans in fact — cautioned that villainesses in glass houses shouldn’t hurl stones. Sure, Brooke was blatantly out of line when she demanded that Eric divorce Quinn and throw her out of the mansion right there on the spot.

But there wasn’t one thing in Brooke’s tirade against Quinn that wasn’t truthful. Quinn did indeed smooch the man that her husband had raised since birth. And she is actively encouraging Shauna (Denise Richards) to pursue a married man.

And she does hurt any and all persons who either displease her or make her life a bit unpleasant — just ask Deacon (Sean Kanan) or Liam (Scott Clifton) or Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) or…

And some point out an ironic fact — Brooke and Quinn may just be more alike then they would ever admit. Both women used their talents and intelligence to forge ahead in the business world; Brooke created BeLieF and successfully steered Forrester Creations for a decade and Quinn started a jewelry design business

And even though Quinn admonishes Brooke for sleeping her way through the Forrester family, the minute she decided that what she craved most in the world was respectability and adoration what was the first thing she did? Pursue Eric of course.


Still, there’s 38% of you who think that Quinn is justifiable in her pursuit of revenge. You agree that no one should have to accept disparaging abuse from their spouse’s ex even if every hurled insult is God’s honest truth. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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