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The Bold and the Beautiful Poll Results: Do You Want To See Stephanie Return From The Dead?

Stephanie Forrester The Bold and the BeautifulStephanie Forrester The Bold and the Beautiful

There are many reasons to love The Bold and the Beautiful. One of them is the show being ground in reality. You’re not likely to see aliens, time-travel, or clones. The show’s forte is interpersonal relationships and it sure does those really well!

So while BB doesn’t do ‘back from the dead’ tales when it’s pretty clear there’s been a corpse, fans sure do miss the character of Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery). Would you want to see BB revive her despite the fact that the matriarch died on camera?

Rest In Peace, Stephanie

A little more than 58% of you say that no, Stephanie should not be brought back from the dead. It’s not because you don’t love her, it’s just that the show made a decision to kill off the character and you respect that.

Stephanie, the character, remains integral to the show’s storytelling in that her loved ones are thinking about her either consciously or unconsciously. If Stephanie had gone down in a plane (like Taylor, Hunter Tylo, did in 1994) and no body was recovered that would be one thing. But this chapter has closed!

Anything’s Possible

Over 40% of The Bold and the Beautiful fans say that yes, you’d like to see Stephanie resurrected. Can you picture the Forrester matriarch and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) teaming up against saucy Shauna (Denise Richards)? That’d be soap opera gold!

While BB hasn’t brought back dead characters with the frequency of other soaps, the show has dipped into that well. Remember when Taylor “died” after being shot by Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) only to be kidnapped by Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi) from the hospital and a plastic dummy was buried in her place?

How Would They Do It?

Less than 1% checked “other” in the poll, one fan noting that it might be fun to see her back. How would BB do it? Let’s play armchair head writer, here. Maybe Massimo (Joseph Mascolo) worked with developers on a miracle drug that revived Steph at the hospital after she seemingly died in her rival Brooke’s arms?

Flannery has already come back as she voiced Stephanie via her portrait at Brooke and Ridge’s last wedding. Anything’s possible in soaps! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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