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Should Thomas Lose Custody Of Douglas On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Hope, Thomas, Douglas The Bold and the BeautifulHope, Thomas, Douglas The Bold and the Beautiful

There’s a potential fight down the line that could have Steffy and Hope in court battling for custody of baby Phoebe (nee Beth) on The Bold And The Beautiful. But might another child end up in front of a judge?

While both Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope (Annika Noelle) would be great moms to the daughter they both love, there’s one parent on BB who may not be fit to be a parent at all!

We’re talking about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), of course, who may have good intentions wanting to land Hope as a mother for his son, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri), but his methods are likely going to send the kid to therapy… for years!

Thomas hasn’t hesitated to use his son as a pawn in his manipulation of Hope. Will the price he pays for this dastardly behavior be the loss of his son? Soap Hub asked this question to BB fans!

Father’s Day In Court
Sorry, Thomas, but nearly 92% of responders to this poll believe that you should have Douglas taken away from you and raised by someone else! You’re playing mind-games with him and that’s just wrong!

He’s got lots of relatives including his aunt Steffy and grandfather Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) who could step in and give him a more secure environment.

Past Imperfect
The rest of you, a little over 8%, don’t want Douglas taken away from his dad. It’s bad enough he’s lost his mom, but losing his dad, too, would be plain wrong.

Thomas does appear to dote on the child (well, when he’s not using him as an ally in his schemes!) But, it can’t be said that he doesn’t spend time with his son.

Paternity Twist
Of course, there are other ways besides the courts that could take Douglas away from Thomas. Ridge’s a vasectomy ruled him out as being the boy’s dad, but those procedures aren’t always foolproof. The writers could always throw a twist into the tale by revisiting this plot point.

If it happens, Thomas would lose a son, but gain a half-brother! Stay tuned to see what happens next! The Bold And The Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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