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Should Eric End Things With Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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Eric found happiness after his on-again/off-again wife Stephanie passed away almost a decade ago with jewelry designer Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful. Like Eric’s other wives, Quinn can be, at times, diabolical, much to Eric’s dismay.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Recently, Quinn (Rena Sofer) vowed never to resort to her old ways and Eric took her back. Should he have? Will Quinn ever change? Should Eric cut his losses and end things? Soap Hub asked BB fans to weigh in on this issue.

People Don’t Change

Sorry, Eric (John McCook), but if being wed all these times has taught you nothing else, it’s that people don’t change. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) manipulated people all her life. Your other brides also exhibited traits that were ingrained in them.

Therefore, 68% of you think Eric should end things as Quinn will never change. But is that really a bad thing in the world of soaps? Conflict is the essence of drama. As long as Eric and Quinn stay together, odds are they’ll have plenty of story!

Paging Taylor Hayes!

Some of the responders to this poll, about 16%, feel that Eric won’t get rid of Quinn because he likes feeling morally superior to her! Yikes! That’s some armchair psychology there! If Eric really wanted to feel higher up in life, he should have stayed wed to Sheila (Kimberlin Brown).

It’s easy to feel better than someone who has committed the crimes that she has! If this is why Eric is staying with Quinn, we suspect that he’s not even aware of it. Maybe a few therapy sessions with Taylor (Hunter Tylo) would help dig into his psyche.

Stay Tuned

The rest of you, about 16% as well, want to take a “wait and see” approach. If Quinn crosses the line again, then Eric can reevaluate. But she’s promised never to put her marriage in jeopardy again and why not believe that she means this?

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to watch Quinn do nothing the next time she’s challenged? Eric might look upon her in a brand new light! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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