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Should Carter Forgive Zende on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Should Carter Forgive Zende on The Bold and the Beautiful_

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On The Bold and the Beautiful, Carter wasn’t just betrayed by his fiancée Zoe, who never fully committed to him despite accepting his proposal of marriage. Carter also feels cheated by his pal Zende — the object of Zoe’s second thoughts.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Should Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) forgive Zende (Delon de Metz)? Soap Hub posed this question to BB fans. Read on for the results!

Make Him Wait

The majority of you, nearly 49%, say that, in time, Carter should forgive Zende, but he certainly doesn’t need to do it right away. On one hand, Zende never really did anything with Zoe (Kiara Barnes) so, Carter’s real issue should be with her.

On the other, Zende should have to sweat it out a bit as he’s not 100% innocent in this betrayal. One thing Carter should definitely do, as Forrester’s COO, is to issue a memo about gossiping in the office. He must be getting tired of half the staff dishing about his personal life!

Forgive And Forget

Almost one-third of you, about 32%, say that Carter should indeed forgive Zende. Carter, himself, admits that he rushed into this relationship. Sure, he knew he wanted a future with Zoe, but he could have been more proactive about giving her time to get used to the idea.

Carter knew that Zoe had had a bad relationship with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). If he’d taken more time in terms of courting Zoe, none of this might have happened. And that is not Zende’s fault.

The Truth Matters

The rest of you, 19%, say that Carter needs to drop Zende. He knew that Carter and Zoe were engaged yet Zende didn’t come to him and let Carter know that his fiancée was showing interest in him. Zende played a passive role in Carter’s personal life falling apart.

A real friend would have come forward and told his buddy what was going on. If Carter needs to make some pals at Forrester, he can ask Charlie (Dick Christie) to go bowling sometime. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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