B&B Spoilers Recap For September 29: Bill Offers Steffy And Taylor An Escape

Dollar Bill has just the thing for Steffy and Taylor.

B&B spoilers recap for September 29, 2022

B&B spoilers recap for September 29, 2022, tease that Bill Spencer offers up the perfect escape for Steffy Forrester Finnegan and Taylor Hayes.

B&B Spoilers Recap Highlights

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Taylor (Krista Allen) had a heart-to-heart. Steffy noticed that her mother wasn’t happy. She noted that she didn’t return to Los Angeles to see history repeat itself. Plus, Taylor didn’t want to be a consolation prize after seeing Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) return to Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) time and time again.

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Steffy told her mom that Ridge loves her. She insisted that her parents are wonderful together, and Taylor agreed. Steffy begged her mom not to give up because of Brooke. According to Steffy, Taylor is Ridge’s true love regardless of Brooke’s talk of destiny. Then they reminisced about Ridge’s fairytale proposal, but Taylor said that they didn’t get a happily ever after. Taylor admitted that she’s the other woman, and she refused to be the homewrecker in the situation.

Steffy’s phone rang, and it was Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). He told Steffy he planned to sell his Aspen home, and he wanted to give her the first shot at it. Bill even offered the use of his jet, and Steffy promised to think about it.

Taylor walked in, and Steffy hung up the phone, and she continued talking to her mom. However, Taylor said she knew how everything would end — in tears and sadness. Taylor doesn’t like who she is when she fights with Brooke over Ridge. She didn’t appreciate that Ridge was in love with her while he was married to Brooke — Taylor refused to do to Brooke what Brooke did to her. She expressed her desire to leave Los Angeles, and Steffy said she’d go with her — to Aspen.

Taylor tried to say that Steffy needed to stay in L.A. with her kids and husband, but Steffy insisted. Then she reiterated that she’d never give up on her parents reuniting.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: ‘Treachery’

Though he was loathed to do it, Ridge asked Brooke if she called Child Protective Services on Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). Brooke said she didn’t call them, but she reiterated that the most important thing was that Douglas Forrester (Django Ferri) is safe.

Thomas insisted that Brooke was the one who called CPS. Ridge said he believed Brooke, and Thomas insisted she was lying. Ridge yelled at Thomas for talking down his wife. Thomas suggested that they could figure out who called by reaching out to a former employee named Walter Barnes (Steve Richard Harris), who switched to working as a CPS consultant.

Walter stopped by the Forrester mansion, and Ridge told him they wanted to know who made the call to CPS. Walter pushed back, telling Ridge it was unethical to allow him to hear the phone call. Thomas broke in, noting that it’d be a personal favor, and Ridge promised to protect Walter’s license and livelihood. Walter said he’d do it as long as they didn’t confront whoever made the call.

Walter pulled up the case information, and he played a voice recording of the call. The call played, and what sounded like Brooke’s voice filled the room. She said her last name was “Logan,” and Ridge repeated that.

B&B Spoilers Recap: Blame Game

Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) walked into Brooke’s. He thought Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) was there, but it was just Brooke. He noticed that his mother-in-law wasn’t okay. He asked Brooke how she was, and she admitted that she wasn’t good. Liam said he wished they could just go over to the Forrester mansion, get Douglas, and bring him home.

Liam wondered what else was going on, and Brooke admitted that Ridge called and was very upset. They discussed the stress that the Thomas and Douglas situation was putting on her marriage. Liam noted that Hope also seemed to be invested in Thomas getting better like Ridge. Then Brooke admitted that CPS visited Thomas, and Ridge blamed her for the call.

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