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Performer of the Week for The Bold and the Beautiful: Annika Noelle

The Bold and the Beautiful Performer of the Week: Annika NoelleThe Bold and the Beautiful Performer of the Week: Annika Noelle

While the true paternity of Steffy’s baby was fabulous news for Steffy and Finn (she knew he was the dad!), it didn’t necessarily create happy endings all around. Sure, Liam’s not going to have to leave Hope to do his share of “diaper duty” once the baby is born, but the fact is the couple’s marriage may not survive.

Annika Noelle: Performer of the Week

While Hope (Annika Noelle) was overjoyed to learn that Finn (Tanner Novlan) is the father of Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) baby, this doesn’t mean she and Liam (Scott Clifton) are back on track.

Despite the radiance, Noelle brought to Hope’s reaction, we know that Hope is also fully aware that Liam still betrayed their marriage vows. For turning in compelling work in dealing with this issue, Soap Hub is bestowing Performer of the Week honors for BB on Noelle.

Hope hid her own joy over knowing Liam wasn’t having a second baby with his ex as she gently informed him of that fact. Noelle showed how patient and loving Hope could be as she kindly drove home the shocking news, asking him if he needed time to process things and inquiring how he felt about it, too.

Let’s face it, a more selfish character might have been doing the “happy dance” every time Liam turned his back — but not Hope, the character Noelle infuses with a gracious quality.

The actress dialed down on how happy her character was over this development, but Noelle always maintains Hope’s honesty, too. She admitted that she was relieved but she remained empathetic to her husband’s feelings. Hope couldn’t let go of the fact that Liam cheated on her. Their marriage is potentially more secure as Liam’s not having another baby with Steffy, but Hope can’t ignore that he almost was.

Liam being Steffy’s baby daddy was one major issue, but another, for Hope, was how could she trust her mate knowing he strayed too easily? Hope couldn’t help but ask if she’s been married to a man who’s in love with another woman. It’s not an easy inquiry to make, but it’s one Hope felt that she had to do.

Hope asked Liam if he told Steffy that he loved her the night they made love. Liam confessed that he had said something like that. Noelle then went to frustrated anger, understandably so, as Hope blasted her husband for being selfish.

“I thought I would feel better finding out that Finn was the father, but it turns out that I was just fooling myself,” Hope tearfully acknowledged.

While Steffy was across town celebrating her future with Finn, the man she loves, her rival, Hope, was realizing she may not have a future with the man she loves at all.

What Hope may not be capable of admitting is that her husband’s not the only person harboring hidden feelings. Is she still attracted to Thomas? Stay tuned. We know that Noelle will bring additional nuanced performances as this story continues. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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