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Mother Knows Best? Maybe Not With Wyatt And Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Katie and Wyatt’s joyful secret life together on The Bold and the Beautiful is kaput! It was one thing for Eric to find out but now that Quinn knows, we get the impression that the duo will never get a moment’s peace!

Quinn (Rena Sofer) went hysterical upon seeing her son in bed with his lover. Was her outrage justified? Soap Hub asked B&B viewers to weigh in on this.

Seine Old Quinn
The majority of you, 86%, feel that Quinn has no right to be upset over Katie and Wyatt’s relationship. After all, he’s a grown man capable of making his own decisions.

Plus, while Quinn is living in the Forrester mansion now and is genuinely in love with Eric, she has, in the span of a few years, gone from Deacon to Liam to Eric to Ridge (wait, there’s more) and now back to Eric. Oh, and Mateo’s waiting in the wings with his massage table and essential oils.

Quinn’s lost all rights to expect much from her son given the humiliation she’s caused him. She’s attempted to off both Ivy and Deacon by shoving them into bodies of water. In fact, Quinn’s reaction to Katie and Wyatt is exactly why the two kept their relationship a secret from the jewelry designer.

A Mother’s Love
Not everyone is against Quinn in this scenario.

Imagine being in her shoes, walking in on Katie and finding your son in his birthday suit under the covers with a woman whom you’ve already shared two men with (one way or another), Bill and Ridge.

A solid 14% of you, therefore, feel that Quinn had every right to go ballistic after walking in on Katie and Wyatt in bed together.

Ultimately, however, Quinn doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She’s in a May/December relationship herself with Eric. (And let’s face it, Wyatt and Katie are more May/early August than December anyway.)

Given B&B’s history of swapping couples (we’ve seen every duo it seems except for Deacon and Pam), Katie and Wyatt may not last that long anyway.

Although, Soap Hub kind of hopes that they do make a go of it. He’s been burned by Hope and Steffy, coming in third almost every time in the “She Cares More for Liam Sweepstakes of Love.”

Katie has also had to take a backseat to Brooke more than once in her dynamic with Bill. What better way to stick it to her ex than by having a relationship with his son?

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