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How Far Will Zoe Go Against Shauna on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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Shauna truly stepped up for her pal Quinn when she let Zoe believe that she, Shauna, and not Quinn was the one to sleep with Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful. But could her supportive gesture backfire? After all, Zoe is not taking it well that Carter had moved on without her!

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Soap Hub asked viewers how far they think Zoe (Kiara Barnes) will go against Shauna (Denise Richards). Could Shauna be in danger? Read on for the results.

Zoe’s Volatile

Nearly 44% of you think that Shauna had better be careful as Zoe is capable of pretty much anything. Let’s not forget that Zoe had an attachment to Xander (Adain Bradley). She followed him to Los Angeles, but eventually gave up her pursuit of him. Zoe wasn’t sure she wanted Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and so, she tried to see if something might develop with Zende (Delon de Metz). She lost both men and now is upset that Carter has moved on with his life.

Carter’s Protection

If Zoe goes too far and makes Shauna’s life uncomfortable, 30% of you feel that Carter will step in and intervene. He’ll likely remind Zoe that they were broken up when he began his fling. It’s none of Zoe’s business that Carter has taken a new lover, even if she doesn’t know it’s Quinn (Rena Sofer). Zoe needs to accept that actions have consequences and her inability to commit to Carter has cost her his loyalty.

Don’t Mess With Quinn

The rest of you, about 26%, say that Quinn will get involved directly if Zoe goes after Shauna. For starters, Quinn will want to protect her pal from any harm especially after Shauna lied to protect her. And let’s not forget that Quinn is not someone to be crossed. Quinn has smacked Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) down literally when she felt that Brooke was a threat to her marriage.

The jewelry designer also went a few rounds with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown), who is no pushover! If Zoe goes after Shauna, she’s going to have her hands full! Stay tuned to see what happens! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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